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 How Effective Are Solar Panels In Reducing Power Costs?

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Have you thought about solar energy, but do you think it would be too expensive? No longer. The cost of solar energy has dropped so dramatically in recent years that it is now very affordable in many areas of the United States and represents an excellent investment for your home. You can usually start saving money from day one. Besides, new financing and leasing options have made the possibility of solar energy available to many more homes.

By installing Solar company Tucson solar energy, you will have the independence to generate your renewable and clean energy, save money on your electricity bill, get a high return on investment, significantly reduce your carbon emissions and increase the value of your home. So it is not surprising that solar panels are increasingly popular. Solar energy also helps you protect yourself from future increases in electricity prices and create local jobs. It is a winning bet, look where you look.

Energy Generated by Solar Panels 

Thermal energy is generally calculated in kilocalories (kCal). 100,000 kCal is the amount of energy needed to boil 190 liters of water or, more technically, to carry 190 liters of water from 24 ° C to 100 ° C. To obtain this energy, 10.64m3 of natural gas is required, which, at current subsidized prices, costs $ 3.43. A solar hot water tank has a useful life of approximately 20 years. With the level of insolation of the province of Buenos Aires, it is estimated that a 200-liter solar water tank would generate about 45.5 million kcal. At that time. 

Clean and renewable energies have become fashionable as they begin to be scarce and increase the cost of traditional ones such as electricity or gas. Especially for home consumption, ways have been devised that allow you to take advantage of sunlight and save some money in the account at the end of the month.

How Effective Is It? 

That is what we tell you below, so you can get an idea of ​​how much you save on your monthly bills in both gas and electric light, using photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of your home.

Most new buildings have a renewable energy system incorporated to reduce environmental impacts and excessive bills. How much total savings with one of these devices?

With the installation of Solar company Tucson panel in your house or office, you can save from 70% of electrical energy depending on the energy needs of the people who reside in the place and the activities carried out there.

On the other hand, the use of solar heaters instead of boilers saves between 75% and 85% of gas according to the equipment they purchase.

For example, in an average electricity bill of $ 35,000, the savings amount to $ 24,500, while in the case of gas, in a bill of $ 40,000, the savings can be $ 34,000.

A  solar panel allows you to heat the water and at the same time generate electricity it must have two different facilities, a battery that will enable storing the energy captured by the sun and then convert it into electricity and a pipe or boiler system that heats the water. Solar company Tucson provides all kinds of solar equipment.

How Does It Work? 

A solar panel covered by photovoltaic cells receive sunlight and convert it into electrical energy, it accumulates in a battery, as a generator, which is connected to the electrical network of the property. There are homemade ways to build solar panels but never as effective and efficient as this.

The cost of one of these panels for a family can be between $ 700,000 and $ 1,500,000, considering that it has a useful life of 25 years. In about 1.8 years, the investment is recovered.

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