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How Do You Remove Pictures Of You From Google Results

Remove images From Google Search

On August 20, 2021, Google made it clear that children, teens, and their parents can request their pictures be removed from search results. This will give teens greater control over their online footprint. What exactly do you need to do to accomplish this? To help simplify remove image from google search process we’ve outlined precisely what you have to do to get rid of pictures of you or those you love out of Google searches.

Remove images of yourself from Google search results

Google does not control the images on the we. Google will work directly to remove images in its listings when it finds that one or more of the following is the case:

  • The host site uses unjust removal methods.
  • The image is a part of an infringement of intellectual property.
  • The image shows an unimportant
  • The image shows medical, financial, or national ID numbers.
  • The image shows non-consensual explicit sexual acts of revenge porn.
  • The image is fake, involuntary pornography.


Google has clarified they will not permit you to delete photos that you have taken of yourself out Google results for search in “cases of compelling public interest or newsworthiness.” Google also requests that photos showing sexually explicit images from minors are reported to National Center for Missing and Exposed Kids and not via the Google form. If any of the other requirements apply to your photo then you must complete the form on the Google Help Center page.

It is necessary to indicate on the form that you want Google to delete “imagery of an individual currently under the age of 18.” You’ll need to supply the name, age, nationality, and email address for the minor, along with the image URL of the photo(s) that you are looking for along with the keywords and URLs that result in causing the photo(s) to show up and a picture of the photo(s) as well as the reason why you’d like to have the photo(s) deleted.

How do you contact the website hosting your image?

If you follow the steps above, it will remove only the image preview from Google websites however it won’t remove the hyperlink to the site that is at fault. If you’d like to take an image from the internet completely, you’ll have to reach out to the owner of the site from where the image came from. There are several methods to locate the contact details of the owner of the site:

You can find a contact Us URL or email address of the site’s owner on the homepage of the site.

Do a “Whois” (who are you?) search to find the owner of the website by visiting and then searching “whois” The email address for contacting the owner of the site can usually be found under the Registrant email or administrative contact.

If you’re not able to contact the owner of the website Contact the hosting company that hosts the site.

After you’ve discovered how to get rid of pictures of images from Google searches, you might wish to know more about the ways Google is trying to make life easier and not more difficult with gadgets such as Google’s Google Nest router and the Google Nest Cam.

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