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How Do You Pick a Winning Slot Machine?

Slot Machine

This post sets out to answer the question if it’s possible to pick up a more generous slot machine. First, one needs to choose their preferred slots type: physical or online. 

Then, they should try to find out the machine’s Return-to-Player rate, or RTP. Finally, they should pick up an affordable wager.

Physical vs. Online Slots: Which has the Higher RTP Rate?

The most generous slot machines in land-based casinos have an RTP of about 85%. By contrast, the most generous online slots have RTPs close to 99%.

How to choose a winning “one-armed bandit”?

First, let’s see how one can improve their chances against the one-armed bandit in a land-based casino.

1. Pick up a five-reel slot machine

Statistically, five-reel slot machines have a better pay-out than their three-reel counterparts because the latter are more volatile.

2. Sit at a machine with a substantial jackpot

In every slot parlor, the machines with the fattest jackpots attract the biggest crowd. Players can see that the machine has been sucking in cash for a long time and hit at it in the hope of winning big money.

By contrast, if you sit at the machine that a lucky fellow has just drained, your chances of milking it again are negligible.

3. Avoid progressive slots

Progressive slot machines accumulate jackpots much faster than the classic five-reel ones, but they also have lower RTP rates. 

Where to play online slots in the USA?

Pennsylvania online casinos boast the most generous slot games in the USA. Not only do they offer lucrative welcome bonuses, but they also have the highest RTP rates. 

Let’s explore the most generous online slot games.

1. Ancient Gods

This is the most popular online slot game at the moment. It’s got medium volatility and a 96-percent RTP. The 25 active lines of play further increase the gambler’s winning chances.

2. Ocean’s Treasures

This online slot game attracts players with its progressive free spins. It’s got five levels and fifteen play-lines. Level one starts with a 3x multiplier, and level 5 has a 12x multiplier. 

The highest possible win is an 18,000 x stake on every free spin. 

3. Ugga Bugga

This three-reel online slot machine is not for the faint-hearted. It invites you to explore the jungle’s depths and has highly-volatile gameplay.

It’s got only ten play-lines, and the maximum you can win is your wager multiplied by 1,000. It earned third place on our list because of its fantastic RTP of over 99%.

Wrapping Up

Five and seven-reel slot machines are more player-friendly than 3-reel slots in a land-based casino. Progressive slots are the hardest to win, despite their tempting jackpots.

Ugga Bugga has the highest RTP of all online slots, while Ocean’s Treasures offers different multipliers and many free spins.

Pick up the online casino with the biggest welcome bonuses and the most significant number of free spins for slots; the variety of games comes second.

Always wager money you can afford to lose.

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