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How Do You Know It’s Time to Call in an Exterminator?

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Call an Exterminator

We live in a world full of comforts that a century ago could only be dreamed of by the vast majority of the planet’s population, even those in the developed world. Our houses are warm in winter and cool in summer. We readily have access to food- most of us are lucky enough to have a surplus which we can store for later use. We have hot and cold running water courtesy of boilers that are in our homes. But with every wonderful innovation that makes our lives easier, there is a price to pay and that price is not only monetary–it also means that what makes us comfortable also is an attraction for uninvited guests–pests. Those pests also enjoy the shelter our homes afford from the natural environment and ready access to food. Both make our homes not only a comfortable place to live – but also to breed.

In some cases that breeding can cause us discomfort and even be a threat to both ourselves and our families. In some cases, readily available chemical solutions that are sold at supermarkets across the country will provide relief from infestations but that relief can be short-lived. Pest populations tend to bounce back extremely quickly and when this becomes a problem it is time to call in a professional exterminator.

What are the warning signs that an exterminator might be required?

Pests come in a variety of forms. Insects, rodents, and sometimes even reptiles. However, each species will leave a clue as to whether their populations have grown out of control.

Often that clue can be found in their droppings. Rodent droppings are easy to spot. If they are growing in number then it is time to call in an exterminator. Scratching and rustling in the night, especially in the roof space and in the walls is another sign that rodent populations are growing out of control. Rodents will also eat through packaging in order to get at the contents so homeowners need to keep a sharp eye on the contents of their pantries. they will also nest in clothing and soft furnishings where their droppings will accumulate. If any of the signs become apparent then it is time call in the professionals.

Cockroaches have been making their homes in human dwellings for thousands of years and modern buildings are now an irresistible lure to these pests. Once again, the droppings can be a clue. However, these can be extremely small so the homeowner needs to examine places like kitchen floors and the darkened areas of the home extremely carefully to ensure that cockroach infestation is not growing out of control.

There are other pests – such as bedbugs and termites. Each will leave clues as to whether they are becoming a problem, for instance, termites will leave evidence of their activity in the form of mud tubes and hollowed out or damaged wood.

If any of the signs of an infestation are present then it is extremely important that the homeowner call in an exterminator such as Power X Exterminators in Orlando as quickly as possible–the problem will not simply disappear. Your family’s health and the value of your property are at stake.

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