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How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Case Or Not

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Have you been injured in a Car accident? The first thing that you have to do is consult some experts. But whenever you go on to consult some medical doctor, the matter of claim will definitely come to you in a flash.

So if you are innocent, you will definitely get the claim of your personal injury. But it might be that it was all your fault you wouldn’t be entitled to financial compensation. 

So you need to know if you have a personal injury case or not. Consult some personal injury lawyers. Click Here to know more.

In this article, we are going to know how you know if you have a personal injury lawsuit. Let’s try to understand the facts here to have comprehensive knowledge. 

Advantages of Personal Injury Case Lawyer 

Whether or not you need to have a personal injury lawsuit is a critical matter of study. But in the general case, you are free to consult a lawyer. They are vital things when getting knowledge and awareness regarding accidents and claims. There are certain advantages to a personal injury lawyer. 

1. They Are Professional And Have Definite Objective

They are professionals and are trained to provide you with legal safeguarding. They know how to put the case in the strongest possible manner. With experience, they bring amazing results for you.

2. They Know How To Negotiate

These lawyers are highly knowledgeable on the subject, and they help in providing you with their skills. You can’t negotiate with them. Bank on some bonafide accident lawyer, and they are going to deliver for you.

3. They Can Help You To Get Medical Attention 

The personal injury attorneys have the authority to form conversations with your medical team. They keep data on each and every step of your recovery process. They oversee each and every aspect of the development so that you can apply for a hefty compensation. 

How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Case Or Not?

Now let’s come to the main section of our discussion. If you are badly injured at the workplace or in the midst of a highway, you need to understand whether or not you get a case.

Firstly you need to take legal advice from a bona fide director. But first, you need to form a concrete idea on a personal injury case. 

Remember, personal injury claims are made on the basis of negligence. You may have a strong negligence claim if all the following are true. 

1. Defendant Owed You A Duty Of Care 

It might be that one of your friends is a physician, and you ask her to give her advice regarding certain symptoms. Now, on her advice, you decide to set in with a defamation case filing. 

It’s better if you don’t file a case. You know your physician friend’s observation might be wrong. More importantly, the duty of care would not have been established. 

So how would you go for an injury claim? You need to establish the fact that your defendant owed the victim a duty of care. This will form an extremely strong case. 

2. Defendant Breached The Duty Of Care 

Suppose you are on the street. You are being hit by a person who was driving under intoxication. After he hits you hard, you slipped on a spill the employees failed to mop up?

This scenario is considered a breach of duty care. Had it been some normal case, you would have received some medical treatment from the defendant. But the person was not in their normal state. This comes directly under breach of care from the defendant’s point of view. 

3. You Incurred Damages As A Result Of The Breach

This is one of the primary conditions of filing a strong case of an injury lawsuit. The first condition is; therefore, you incurred severe damages as a result of the accident. There are twofold objectives of an accident case lawsuit. 

The first objective is the monetary accident claim, with the help of which you bear the treatment expenses. The second objective is that you punish the defendant and compel him not to further make any such blunders. You are not entitled to injury claims if you don’t suffer damages.  

4. The Accident Occurred Within The First Four Years Of Breach

How long have you been injured? Has it been one a year or so? A couple of years?

Have you not applied for a personal injury claim yet? There are different norms and regulations when it comes to personal injury claims. 

For example, in Florida, the standard statute of limitations for injury lawsuits is four years. There are exceptions to it. But in general, you do have the provision for filing a case in the US court within four years of being injured. 

5. You Haven’t Made Any Mistakes

Some strong instances could terribly hurt your chances of filing a strong lawsuit. If you completely ignore the advice of your doctor, you might fail to file a strong case. If you are giving the insurance adjuster a recorded statement, then also it literally murders your chances of making any mistakes. 

You need to make sure that you have a clean track record and that there is no problem on anybody else’s side. You need to be on the safe side and don’t let your chances go. This is the reason that we recommend you hire some bona fide attorneys. They really have that knowledge and experience to guide you professionally.


There is nothing worse than facing some accidents. This is unfortunate. But at the same time, you need to get all the treatment that you deserve. And under the law of the state, you must get monetary compensation.

But you don’t get it by default. You have to prove before the court that you are a victim in this case and that the defendant missed out completely on the duty of care. Hire some bona fide barrister, and you are going to get the best out of it, undoubtedly. 

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