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How Do Freight Brokers Find Shippers?

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Those who want to try their hand as freight brokers should find a way to find cargo and companies that will transport them quickly. To run a successful business and receive positive feedback from customers, one needs to cooperate with time-proven and reliable fleet management organizations such as Ezlogz. 

The first way to find a transport company is to make cold calls. Many people avoid this option, but it’s the most competent and reliable. To call as many organizations as possible for further cooperation, one needs to find a database of contacts. You will need data about companies in the states where you plan to deliver goods. This can be a phone number, and email address, and the actual office location.

When your list of companies that provide transportation services is long enough, you will offer your services to them. Perhaps one of the organizations will be interested in cooperation with a freight broker. Thus, they will be able to increase awareness and attract more clients, and the broker will be able to transport the clients’ car goes faster.

Pay attention to the cargo type

Every day, various cargoes are shipped all around the world. You can study the information about the most popular types of goods and find out how they are delivered to the place of destination. 

These may be small transport companies that bring goods to the ship and unload them for further transportation. And there may be large holdings whose deliveries aren’t limited to one country.

As a freight broker, you can easily find a suitable shipper after thorough product research. You can also consult friends who have recently sent goods to another part of the world. Perhaps they are impressed by the services provided by the transportation company they used, and you can feel safe to start cooperation with the chosen organization.

Information in the reference books

Online, you can find a lot of catalogs of the most popular and reliable transport companies. There will be information about the organization, the products it delivers most often. Thus, the broker will be able to understand:

  • which cargo type can be delivered;
  • the volume of goods;
  • rates for each cargo transportation type.

Specialists will conduct a thorough comparison, choosing the most optimal option. After that, it will be possible to offer customers a few ways of delivery.

Google Maps

Google Maps are not only a great way to find the nearest restaurant, but a great chance for a broker to choose the best transport company as well. By selecting a few organizations and entering their addresses in the search bar, you can get more detailed information. The map will show where the warehouse is located and what its size is. Broker finds out where the goods are accepted for loading and whether it’s possible to transfer large-scale loads.

By checking the map, you will be able to conduct research about another company. When all the necessary information is collected, all you need is to agree on the terms of cooperation and start working with customers who need to have their goods delivered. You may mention that you have found the information about the company on Google. 

Transportation companies often need an agent or a broker, who will increase the number of their potential clients. Such cooperation is mutually beneficial, so if you come across a reliable company that transports goods quickly when searching for one, it’s important not to miss an opportunity and start working with it.

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