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How Deep Should I Make Garage Shelves?

Garage and shelves

Having garage shelves, overhead racks, and other storage systems helps organize your garage, keeping it safe and clean. At the same time, organizing your garage helps you effortlessly structure or paint it to fit your property’s aesthetics. But because you will come across many methods for making garage shelves, finding a technique that makes the shelves that compliment your garage’s structural appearance and aesthetics can be an uphill task.

As a result, the first thing to do is ensure you have the proper guidance from garage professionals from a firm that has been in the garage industry for a long time. And one such firm is Silverline Systems. At a firm like this, you will explore the best ways to make your garage shelves, garage flooring, and also the types of garage shelves you can affordably make, as below.

The Average Depth of Garage Shelves

Regardless of the size and purposes for making garage shelves, the average and universal depth for such shelves range from twelve to twenty-four inches. But because not all garages are the same and still don’t serve the same purposes, you can determine the depth of your shelves based on the type of shelving system you want and the materials you use.

Moreover, irrespective of the materials and the size of shelves you make, the idea of depth is that you should ensure all shelves are deep enough to store any items safely. More importantly, make them not so deep that some things get hidden behind each other, which can easily break delicate ones. And before you call the project off, be sure every shelf is adjustable to maximize space and make it easy to open and close the cabinets.

The Styles of Garage Shelves You Can Effortlessly Make

Naturally, the style of garage shelves you can make can be determined by the materials you use, the mode of opening and closing them, and whether or not they have doors. But the common ones you can make regardless of the size and usage of your garage include wooden, self-enclosed, metal, wire, and adjustable shelves. And remember, every design comes with its advantages and disadvantages, which makes it vital to look into each style and decide the one that fits your garage requirements as follows.

Adjustable Shelves

For most garages, especially if you want a shelving system that provides the freedom to move items, opening and closing effortlessly, these are likely the best shelves you can make. They also contain a feature that allows you to rearrange them and position them according to the size of your garage cabinets or the size of items you want to store. Plus, when you make them with metals, you can use them to store large items and valuables, including car parts or essential woodworking tools.

Self-Enclosed Shelves

Unlike other garage shelves, self-enclosed are those you make to provide maximum safety for stored items, mostly on office premises. The shelves also use more sustainable and enduring materials and are made of welded frameworks that make them more durable. However, for a small garage, especially one you use to store small items or other belongings, you can make them using wood or plastic materials without welding.

Wooden Shelves

If you want garage shelves for aesthetic purposes but more affordable than their counterparts, wooden shelves are your best shot. You can make these with any wood or combine wood with other materials that enhance an elegant appearance for decorative purposes. And they are the best option for commercial garage spaces for businesses such as real estate or hotels and restaurants. More importantly, wooden shelves are affordable, making them the best choice for a tight budget.

Metal and Wire Shelves

Suppose you want to make garage shelves for storing valuables and large items or ones that will last longer without regular maintenances, use metal instead of any other material. And remember, because metal is studier, you can use your shelves to store heavy car materials and lock in valuables at home or the workplace. In addition, another type of shelves you can make for storing items such as watering cans and paint are wire shelves.

Types of Garage Shelves

Unlike the styles of garage shelves determined by the materials you use, the type you make gets its influence from the design you want to make, and they can range from floating or sliding and those with doors.

For instance, if you want to make garage shelves that contain space underneath every heavy item, floating ones are the best option because they allow you to maximize storage spaces on walls. And you can make them using wood or other studier materials like wire and metal.

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