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How Can Digital Marketing Consultancy Help with Your Fintech Startup?

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Fintech, short for Financial Technology, is a technology evolution that is emerging as a new model for delivering financial services and solutions. The digital financial services market is highly competitive. You need the best marketing approach to drive your business. Here, we have discussed how a digital marketing consultancy can help a fintech startup.

Help in Branding

If you want people to know your fintech startup, you have to invest in branding. According to The Basis Point experts, there are several things needed for successful branding. A right marketing agency would assist in everything, including choosing a catchy logo design, the right colors, and fonts, and keeping all marketing efforts consistent.

Create Visual Content

The ongoing marketing trend relies heavily on visual content. Fintech startups must follow this trend to get more people on board. When you select the right marketing consultancy, it will shoulder the responsibility of creating all visual content required for promoting your startup. Some of the visual content it will create includes

  • Attention-grabbing social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Video tutorials
  • How-to-videos
  • Customer testimonial videos and images

The combination of professional branding and stunning visuals will put your fintech startup on the highway of success.

Assist in Mobile-First Approach

User experience plays a crucial part in the way your customers perceive your brand. Your website will speak for you, but if it can’t provide great user experience, you are doomed. The Basis Point marketing consultancy says that mobile users form a large part of your audience. The latest statistics show 40% of online transactions take place through mobile devices. Also, 50% of all web searches come from smartphones and tablets.

A right marketing consultancy will think and implement a mobile-first design. The consultancy will take care of the following things.

  • Create a mobile responsive design
  • Maintain consistency across all devices
  • Compress images for faster load time
  • Research on a design that fits all screen sizes

When you pay attention to these things, the bounce rate will decrease, and you will experience increased traffic to your website.

Help Win Trust of Their Customers

As a fintech startup, you need to know your target audience. When it comes to money, trust is an essential factor. A marketing consultancy understands the importance of the trust of customers for a fintech startup.  The consultancy will try to win your customer’s confidence in different ways. Here is the list

  • It will help you create a data protection policy with the help of fintech experts.
  • It will create content advising on how to improve security
  • It will cover topics such as defense against spoof in emails
  • It forms a positive opinion about online wallets and payments
  • It reassures customers about how safe their money is.

Help Focus on Core Business

A fintech startup is required to improve financial solutions offering, which is the core of their business. Partnering with the right marketing consultancy frees the staff to focus on critical business tasks while the consultancy handles marketing campaigns.

Digital is rightly deemed to be the future of humankind, and fintech is the future of financial services. A good marketing agency can promote its services across the spectrum of the digital platform and help fintech startups compete against established players and gain a competitive edge.

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