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How can Call Centre Quality Assurance Enable Managers to Focus on Business Improvements?

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Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to improve their productivity. This is especially important as your customer engagement increases and the call centre needs to step up since they are the company’s image. The productivity of the organisation’s call centre is usually a major issue at this stage.

To tackle the lack of proper enforcement of quality that call centres may exhibit, managers may decide to implement automated call centre quality assurance. It’s a tool that can help your company to better enrich their customer satisfaction level through in-depth exchanges.

Considering that customer satisfaction is primary to the growth of a business, there should be a deliberate effort from managers to implement call centre QA solutions that help them observe practical trends in the quality of service.

Studies show that only 39% of customer service leaders have an optimized level of the quality assurance process. With proper quality assurance, you can better inform your decision-making processes. By closely monitoring your call agent workers, you can bring about an increased level of productivity.

Keys to Consider for Implementing Call Centre QA

To properly monitor the call centre quality, managers have to look beyond merely listening to them. You have to find a way to assess your workers without interrupting their daily activities. Implementing a call centre quality assurance program can be a great strategy for managers to improve productivity. In doing this, there are some keys to consider and here they are;

  1. Services essential to your business: To prevent a disruption in the companies need to consider the services and practices that are essential to the operations. For instance, emergency services will need to always prioritize practices like responsiveness and punctuality.
  2. Quality of call handling: Call centre agents need to practice high-quality call management. This is especially important since customers are likely to give their assessment of the phone call. Agents are expected to take, hold, and transfer calls without discomforting the client.
  3. Fast solutions to call centre challenges: One factor that needs to be observed in agents is how quickly they resolve issues. For instances, you can monitor whether agents can get customers to hang up without necessarily resolving their crises.
  4. Important job roles: Every worker in your company should have a working understanding of the critical job positions. Depending on the business’ structure, their knowledge can be the bridge between the customers’ concerns and the company’s solutions

Important Metrics for Assessing Call Centre

Asides from the overall quality of customer satisfaction, you can obtain some metrics for assessing agents by adopting call centre quality assurance software. Some of these metrics are;

  • Frequency of blocked calls: Expressed in percentage, it is the number of times that customers call in to hear a busy tone at the other end. In situations where agents are unavailable to take up calls, this metric would be rather high.
  • Call abandonment rate: This is a measure of the number of customers that hang up their calls before contacting a representative.  It can be increasingly challenging to provide good customer service if customers don’t stay on the line.
  • Average call waiting time: One aspect to increase the efficiency of call handling is the time that customers spend call waiting. To get this metric, you will have to divide the total time of call waiting by the amount of answered calls.
  • The average duration of calls: This is the time that agents spend handling calls with customers. It should be low enough to indicate that agents are interacting with more clients, but not too low that it depicts a reduced level of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Call Centre Quality Assurance to Businesses

Businesses stand to gain a lot from implementing call centre QA and here are some of these benefits;

  1. Improves customer retention: Since existing customers are more likely to hire your services than new ones, managers need to take steps to enhance customer retention.      By collecting and analysing customer feedback alongside the performance of agents, managers can see first hand if clients are happy with your services. With this information, businesses can then implement strategies like offering more personalised services to customers.
  2. Enhances productivity in workers: When members of the workforce notice that they are being monitored, they may increase their productivity to demonstrate their worth to the business. Since every agent has their unique weaknesses and strengths, call centre quality assurance helps companies to individualize them and better focus on fulfilling their needs.
  3. Better consideration of customer expectations during operations: Businesses need to consider customer expectations when carrying out their activities. That way, they can rely on the valuable information provided in customers feedback for boosting their overall service.


Call centre quality assurance is primary for improving the productivity of agents so that customers can be better served. As discussed in this write-up, managers will need to consider some key concepts and metrics in monitoring call centre agents. With this strategy implemented, there are several benefits that companies can enjoy.

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