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How Can An LoL Player Earn Money By Playing?

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Elo in League of Legends

Elo is the rating system introduced for Chess. From then on, the rating system is adopted by many games including multiplayer games like League of Legends. This rating system allows the LoL algorithm to match two players of the same skill level to play with or against each other. If you are a beginner, you will have a low Elo rating. The rating increases with your expertise and winnings in the game. If you reach a higher position, your opponents will be of the same skillset or even stronger than you. It will be a great experience to play with such pros. Since the demand for Elo boost increasing rapidly, many companies started to provide boosting services for a cost by hiring professional players. They will often lookout for quality players and pay them decently. If they have vacancies, they will open application processes for pro players. If you are a better LoL player with a high rating, you can apply for the position. Your main job will be to play on behalf of the newbie customers of the site and to make their accounts valuable. This process is called Lol Boosting. You would talk with the customers to answer their queries about the game. Better communication skills and interpersonal skills are the keys to become an Elo booster.

How Could You Become An Elo Booster?

Level boosting in gaming is becoming a passive income generator in this digital era. Since gaming is the booming industry, many in-game purchases are going on, and the gamers are earning lots. So, if you are a pro player, you can help boost another amateur player’s account to a higher level and get paid for it. Most of the players are doing this by joining a booster company after showing their gaming skills and fulfilling the requirements. There are many levels of boosting companies that are hiring pro players for the services. Some of the requirements to become a booster are as below.

  • Your ranking position should be Diamond 1 or higher
  • You should have a decent honor level
  • You must be able to complete at least one division per day
  • You should have better communication skills

If you think you have the ability to become an Elo booster, you can apply for the positions in many online Elo booster sites.

How Much Can You Make As An Lol Booster?

You cannot expect a fixed salary for working as an Elo booster for a company. Your pay depends on various factors. The kind of services you offer, the skillsets you have, the time you take to complete the division, the ability to solve the customer’s queries, and many other things will decide how much you will receive as payment. Some established boosters earn more than 2000 dollars every month by playing League of Legends. The amount is dependent on the skill level of a player. There is no monthly package for Elo boosters.

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