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How and What to Look For in Children’s Activewear

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It may not look like it, but buying your little boys or girls kids activewear can be tricky. For us adults, trying to mix and match their outfits every day, especially during special occasions, can be time-consuming and stressful. You need to plan your kid’s outfits accordingly depending on what activity they’ll do for the day. Knowing they live their life vigorously is important to ensure that they wear the right sportswear that’ll make them comfortable.

Just like with adult activewear, you need to think about function, comfort, practicality and style when choosing your kid’s sportswear. You have to consider the clothes’ longevity. So, how do you look for your children’s activewear? Here are some helpful tips.

Get the Perfect Activewear Fit

Make sure to get activewear that fits your kids’ bodies well, because they often go running, hiking, jumping, climbing around, and doing other fun outdoor activities. Too tight activewear can be uncomfortable, while too loose pieces can be dangerous as kids can trip over. Know your kid’s size to get the right clothing fit.

Go for Fabric’s Durability

High-quality kid’s activewear that is designed for outdoor use usually has built-in features, including reinforced knees and top-notch quality fabric that won’t easily rip apart. Buying durable sportswear not only guarantees the level of sturdiness and ease, but it also will last long enough.

Pick the Right Innerwear

This is crucial to keep your child comfortable while doing various activities. This part of clothing stays in close contact with your kid’s body. Therefore, choose undershirts and underpants made from an ultra-cottony woven fabric that comes with seamless stitching. It will keep the innerwear’s interior parts smooth. Also, the right size innerwear improves the appearance of the outer clothing.

Tank Tops and Tees That Are Non-irritating

These two combinations are inseparable when it comes to kids’ activewear. When buying tank tops and tees, make sure they can be paired with shorts, jackets, hoodies or pants easily. Look for fabrics that are non-irritating, especially if your kids have sensitive skin. You should also check the stitching on the inside to make sure they are neatly folded to avoid any irritation.

In addition, there should be enough space in the neck and sleeves areas so that it will be easier for your kids to put them on.

Jackets and Hoodies That Are Made From Soft Materials

Sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable. Hoodies and jackets are a perfect way to add a layer of warmth during these times. Make sure that when you buy hooded sweatshirts, they are warm enough to protect your kids from cold weather. Go for the ones made from soft materials—cotton polyester and fleece—as they feel velvety on the skin.

Additionally, check the size of the hood. It should be large and comfortable enough to cover your kid’s neck and head. The pockets and fasteners should be placed properly as they are delicate.

Stretchy Athletic Shorts and Pants

Children are highly active and love to keep themselves busy in activities like cycling, jumping, playing football, and running. Athletic shorts and trousers are designed specifically to accommodate numerous leg movements during sports activities. With today’s technology, many shorts and pants have several layers of thin netted fabric lining to absorb sweat and provide warmth to the body. Others are made from cotton polyester fabric that is stretchable. Winter sports pants, on the other hand, have moisture-proof variations. This is to give your kids warmth and protection from winter rain dampness. There’s also a wide array of selection when it comes to colors and drawstrings sizes.

Leggings Made From Thin Yarns

For little girls, leggings are such flexible activewear. Pairing them with different types of clothes like dresses, jackets or other sportswear is an easy feat. A wide selection of printed or plain colored sports leggings is available to cater to your kid’s style. Choose leggings that are made from thin breathable yarns. Winter leggings are mostly made from thicker yarns like polyester or fleece that accommodate low outdoor temperatures.

Another thing, check the leggings’ stretchability. The best one should be able to withstand different leg movements without dropping its original shape. When worn under sports shorts, leggings make the best addition. They can protect your kids from sudden weather changes.

Go for Sportswear With Anti-Odour Qualities

Given that kids are highly active, they sweat easily and more. Although it is normal, your kid shouldn’t have a bad odor as an outcome. Activewear that is made from too heavy fabric and is non-sweat-absorbing like cotton or polyester will be heavy against your child’s skin. This can lead to a higher risk of bad odor. Opt for activewear with natural anti-odor qualities and can wick your kids’ sweat away, leaving them feeling fresh and comfortable while being active.


When shopping for kids’ activewear, it’s important to consider these areas if you aim for durability, longevity, and comfort. Kids are highly active, so it’s important to go for sportswear that caters to your child’s needs. With these helpful tips, it’ll be easier for you now to shop sportswear for your kids.

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