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How AI Changed Our Gaming Experience

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We laughed it off twenty years ago, and today we have mixed feelings about him – what is it? Well, of course, the famous Artificial Intelligence! It’s a relatively new topic for most people, but there is huge interest in it. The truth is, AI will slowly appear in all areas of our lives. But the development of artificial intelligence is already happening and spectacular expansions are happening in video games.

Recently, virtual and augmented reality have opened new doors through which artificial intelligence will march to the delight of gamers. But what will artificial intelligence change in games?

There used to be difficult, really challenging games, but this was not a consequence of the advancement of the opponents, but of the game design. AI got its head in the gamer world when someone deviated from it! Such was the case with Half-Life 2 in the mid-2000s, in which the adversaries ’advanced artificial intelligence was the challenge.

Today, however, AI has become a key feature in most games, and it is expected to remain so in the future. As a result, games of greater complexity are expected to emerge, resulting in more realistic games.

In addition, with the help of machine learning, artificial intelligence in games will increasingly adapt to the style of the given player, so that games can become a real, personal experience for gamers. In the future, for example, in an RPG, not only will the player choose a direction of development, but the game itself will adapt to it. This can also be important if the system also provides us with allies who will be personalized by the game based on our style of play.

Mobile Games – Is the Past the Real Future?

After the dog, the smartphone is now man’s “best friend”. He is with us everywhere, he knows all our secrets, and he is good at more and more things. However, the rapid development of technology cannot be followed by everyone, so for the most part we no longer buy special devices (e.g. Gameboy) to access our favorite game anywhere. We have the phone in our pocket, so it is obvious that we will also use it for gaming.

Although many smartphones today have more powerful hardware than PCs and laptops, in the past, due to the size of the display, it was not necessarily suitable for running more serious games. However, according to the expert, this has changed by now. On the mobile platform, the gaming section has only evolved tremendously in the last 10 years and is largely due to artificial intelligence. There is no question that in the future, gaming on small devices will once again be the focus, as our phones will be available to us anywhere, anytime.

AI in mobile games is evolving rapidly thanks to Big Data, and this trend will continue due to the rise in data transmission systems and mobile network penetration. This is not only an opportunity for developers but also a serious task, as the data collected will have to be processed faster and more efficiently.

The AI ​​lies in the details

Artificial intelligence in games will also be a picture for quite complex tasks that the user either doesn’t have the time for or just likes. And here it’s not just about high-complexity genres, e.g. think of real-time strategy games. You don’t have to play Starcraft to enjoy the benefits of AI. During FIFA 17 Ultimate Team mode, if the game “feels” like the team is down, the fans will cheer louder to motivate them.

Managerial games are complex anyway, and all of our decisions have had serious consequences so far. In the future, thanks to AI, our decisions will result in more realistic outcomes. Which will conclude in a better gaming experience.

Another territory where you can experience AI is the casino industry, both online and offline. In the physical (offline) world, it is used to detect unusual behaviors. In the online world, it is used to create a better user experience. They do this by implementing AI in the customer support service, so the AI bots can give you a better answer to your problem because they have a better understanding of your problem. Another presence in casino games is the improvement of dealers. The results from blackjack and roulette games are no more powered by a random card generator but rather a more human-like AI system.

In our daily lives

Initially, we only knew AI is a system that is able to perform only simpler tasks. This is not the case in today’s world. As we know many production lines and industries are already completely self-contained. There are countries where it’s already part of everyday life and it’s not science fiction.

If someone reads the world news he may know that in some countries, such as Japan, not only does robot-controlled production exist, but robots can help seniors, sellers in the store, serve coffee, and so on.

But don’t forget about the good-looking robot dogs, and Tamagochi, which also uses complex AI. So whether in the form of a simple toy that teaches, sings, answers questions, or as a personal assistant like Alexa is a smart tool that pays attention to everything


Technology has become an unnoticed part of our lives. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, more and more complex, more human-like, more fun games are coming to market. It is expected that AI ​​will be present in the games not only in games but slowly it will spread in our daily lives.

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