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Hola Privacy Is A Free VPN For iPhone & iPad With Unlimited Downloading

how to connect free vpn for iphone

Looking to protect yourself as you browse the internet on your iOS device? Try out Hola Privacy – a free VPN for iPhone & iPad that offers unlimited data!

hola free vpn for iphone

A free VPN for iPhone, you say? There has to be some sort of catch, right? After all, they are running a business and businesses don’t work unless they are making money!

Well, yes, there is one but it is really not so bad. Hola Free will protect your privacy, block ads, and allow unlimited downloading and uploading at high speeds for up to 1GB of data after which they will throttle your download / upload speed to 1mbps / 128kbps respectively.

how to connect free vpn for iphone

To remove throttling, and to get generally better speeds overall, you will need to pay $5/month. Again, this is much better than most competing free VPN for iPhone.

If you are still interested, go ahead and download Hola from the link below. After installing the app, you will need to install a VPN profile through Safari. Don’t worry about this being a difficult task, as you will be directed by the app itself.

To activate VPN, go to Settings > General > VPN, select a server, and then connect VPN!

Download Hola Privacy VPN for iPhone & iPad [iTunes App Store Link]

Privacy vs. Convenience

how to set up free vpn for iphone

While I do take some precautionary measures to guard my private information online, I am not that particularly into the idea of going out of my way to protect my privacy. Case in point: I do not use VPNs for protecting my privacy; I use them to access services that are otherwise blocked in my region. Services like Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu,, among others.

Yes, the ideal thing to do would be to actually use a free VPN but the fact of the matter is that they are just too much of an inconveniencce. They slow down your general browsing performance, and the software themselves are unstable, buggy, and add extra cognitive load on an already burdened mind.

Paying for a VPN – I recommend Private Internet Access – often greatly improves browsing performance but still negatively affects convenience.


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