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Hiring a Quality SEO New York Agency

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If you own a business, especially in New York, you know you have thousands of competitors (or at least hundreds) in the area that are providing similar services to you. And more than likely, you have an online persona of some sort, whether it’s through social media, or even just your website. Therefore, you may need a quality SEO Firm in New York City to get above your competitors, because they’re obviously doing something right to get their pages on the top searches of Google, right?

Well now you can to and using smart marketing and business strategies incorporated with SEO, you can find an agency to do this for you to save you time and money so you can focus on your work.

How Do I Vet an Agency?

You need to know numerous things about SEO (search engine optimizations), even if you’re just listening to answers that your agency of choice provides. But you want details. Don’t just settle for the definition of SEO when they try to explain it to you. This is a huge red flag if they can’t provide details even if they’re above your head. If it is, make sure they can “dumb it down” for you to understand too.

You need to know what kind of SEO tactics they use. SEO agencies need to provide excellent white hat strategies, as well as give you a full list of reports and what their audit is going to be like, and the audit is usually the first step. If you want an advanced marketing approach, ask them about PPC (pay per click) advertising like Google Ads, and other options such as whether they use “White Hat”, “Black Hat”, or “Gray Hat” methods (gray hat methods are considered safe even for Google ranking standards).

Ask for a portfolio of other clients, and don’t just believe every positive review they’re going to put on their website. Ask for a list of other clients and websites, and see if they’ve got a solid rap sheet. Do your homework.

Red Flags? Yes! What to Watch Out For

If you EVER hear your SEO agency of professionals say they’re “Google Certified”, run away as fast as you can from their offer. There is no such thing. Also, be sure that they can answer your questions. If they can’t, then you may be thinking it’s time to choose someone else. At the same time, even if they can, but they give you a price that’s too good to be true, then this can also be another red flag (there are some companies that charge super low prices because they’re just starting out, so be considerate to this).


In New York, there are a handful of agencies that can deliver quality SEO work. What you want to look at though is one like Who’s Talkin’ Online Visibility Agency. While other agencies use just a basic SEO strategy that they learn, Who’s Talkin’ is an agency that creates other methods and knows how to think out of the box. But they go one step further when it comes to SEO; they test their methods with market research strategies and perfect every angle so you always have modern methods in place that can enhance your business and get one of those top search result rankings!

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