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How to Hide Notification Previews From Lock Screen

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Being able to hide notification previews from your lock screen provides a layer of privacy. You might have noticed that your iPhone shows a preview of your iMessages, SMS’s and emails on your Lock screen whenever there is a pending notification. This allows others to read parts of your notifications and if you’re constantly surrounded with snoopy people this might be a cause for concern for you. These people can easily see your messages by merely pressing a button of your iPhone. They don’t even need your passcode to do so. However, there might be a way for you to make sure that your privacy is not violated.

In today’s post, we will show you how to hide these previews from the Lock screens of your iPhone.

How to hide any incoming messages from your iPhone’s preview screen:

Step 1:  In “Settings” select “Notifications”. Under this select “Messages” (for Messages application) or select “Mail” and then “email account” for (Mail’s application).

Step 2: Now Turn off the “Show Preview” option by switching the toggle switch. This will disallow any previews of content of any messages on your Lock screen.

Doing this will now not show the content of your messages but only a small summary will show on your screens. So you will now only know who the messages are from and what app is the message sent to. So now if your friend Brian iMessages you “Where you at Bro?” you will not see the message but only a notification that will say “iMessage” as well as Brian’s name.

Also, because privacy is a big issue for many iOS device users people should make sure that all options that help you allow more privacy should be used. So hiding the content of notifications is a good starting point especially for those people who are constantly surrounded with people.

So what do you think about this tutorial? Let us know in comments below and tell us what do you think about privacy issues with iOS devices.

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