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Hide iOS 8 UI Elements From One Jailbreak Tweak With HideMe8

hide ios 8 ui elements with hideme8 jailbreak tweak

Like customization? Want to hide iOS 8 UI elements that annoy you, or you just think are superfluous? Download HideMe8 to hide several iOS 8 UI elements without installing muliple jailbreak tweaks.

hide ios 8 ui elements with hideme8 jailbreak tweak

iOS 7 + iOS 8 combined are the two biggest ‘tick-tocks’ in iOS history, both in the UI design and features department. iOS 7 completely overhauled the design – adding Windows Vista-like blurs and transparency – while iOS 8 refined it, and added long-overdue features like third-party keyboards, extensions, and widgets.

Now, if you have jailbroken your iOS 8 device, and are interested in trying out (old) new tweaks, and are further insterested to hide iOS 8 UI elements, consider starting with HideMe8 (beta).

It allows you to hide iOS 8 elements:

  • UI elements
  • Camera Grabber in Lockscreen
  • Dock Background
  • Control Center elements
  • Icon Badges
  • Page Dots
  • Status Bar elements
  • … and more!

Of course, as I mentioned before in (brackets), HideMe8 is currently in beta. Some of these features might not work, some might not even be available. It is a good idea to avoid the iOS 8 jailbreak altogether. Wait for the early-adopters of the jailbreak community to test the jailbreak, and test untested tweaks and apps. You can always join in a few weeks from now.

Besides, jailbreaking just isn’t such a big attraction anymore. The last handful of iOS releases have pretty much picked all of the ‘low hanging fruit’. Jailbreaking also slows down your phone over time – I have noticed. Stock may indeed have its feature limitations, but I will take peace of mind over extra, niche features anyday.

Anyhow, back to HideMe8. Assuming you have jailbroken your iOS 8 device, and assuming you have installed Cydia…

Launch Cydia, go to the Manage tab, tap on Sources, then go to Edit > Add, and enter the following URL:

That’s it! Now let Cydia reload, and then search for HideMe8.

I haven’t yet jailbroken my iPhone 4S. It is in a bit of a sorry, slow state at the moment so I am probably going to stick to stock, non-jailbroken iOS.

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