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How to hide Apple Music app on your device

hide apple music app

Apple debuted Apple Music less than a month ago today with a free 3 month trial. Now,even though the jury is still out about whether this particular application is worth it’s salt or not, some of you may have found Apple Music not to your liking. Because of this you may not want to renew your subscription after the three month trial.

However before that period finishes you may still find your music listening experience being hampered by Apple Music.

But this need not go on any further for we have today a simple step by  step tutorial on how to hide Apple Music app on your device. (You can’t delete this application permanently though so you’ll have to settle for hiding the app)

How to hide Apple Music app on your iOS device:

Step 1: Open ‘Settings’ on your iOS device.

Step 2: Select ‘Music’ under ‘Settings’.

Step 3:  Under ‘Music’ tap the ‘show Apple Music’ switch. This will turn it off and now Apple Music will not be shown on your device. Turning this off will not delete any songs you’ve downloaded from Apple Music, to listen to offline,  if your iCloud music library was working when you downloaded the songs.

How to hide Apple Music on desktop iTunes:

Step 1 : Open iTunes on your desktop.

Step 2 : if you’re using a Mac choose ‘Menu’ and then ‘Preferences’. If you’re using a PC select ‘Menu’ then ‘Edit’ and then select ‘Preferences’.

Step 3 : Select ‘General Preferences’ and uncheck ‘Show Apple Music’.

Be advised however that hiding Apple Music on your Mac or PC removes all Apple Music songs from it. This also includes those songs that you downloaded to listen to offline. So if you have songs that you can’t live without then maybe you shouldn’t hide Apple Music on your desktop.

Now why would you want to hide Apple Music?

Firstly because in the Music app search field there is a button that narrows searches to Apple Music. By hiding Apple Music the Radio button will appear instead of the Apple Music button.

Secondly turning off Apple Music will bring back old buttons to your Music app. The For you, New and My Music tabs will bring back the Playlists tab and Connect tab.


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