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Some Hidden Gems In iOS11


Hidden Gems In iOS11

So you’ve downloaded iOS11 and you’ve been playing with the features that have gotten a lot of press. These would include Messages, SIRI, Maps, and a bunch more and you love them. Me Too. There’s a lot to love in Apple’s latest mobile OS but are you aware of some of its less obvious features?  Here are some of our favorite hidden gems in iOS11.

Control Center

We know the Control Center has had some cool upgrades and responds to Touch. And it is more customizable than ever.  Just go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and click on the + next to the controls you want easy access to from the new Control Center.

In addition to the standard controls for Brightness, Volume, Camera, Bluetooth, Airplay, Flashlight, etc. you will now find a substantial list of new controls you can add.

  • Accessibility Shortcuts
  • Alarm
  • Apple TV Remote
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving
  • Guided Access
  • Low Power Mode
  • Magnifier
  • Notes
  • Screen Recording
  • Stopwatch
  • Text Size
  • Voice Memos
  • Wallet
  • Screen Recording

One of my favorites is Screen Recording. No need for third-party apps to handle this function in iOS11.  Anything your screen displays will be recorded and saved to your Photo Library after recording. I tried this while playing with some new AR Apps and it works beautifully.


Since I’m getting on in years my arms are not as long as they need to be for me to read very small print.  iOS11 has me covered with the Magnifier. 6 point type? No problem. Just click on the magnifying glass icon in the Control Center and your camera turns into a magnifying glass with a slider to adjust the level of magnification.


Screenshots are no longer automatically saved to your Photos. You now get a small preview image that opens when tapped on.  You can now markup the image with various tools and you have the option to “Delete Screenshot”, avoiding the accumulation of screenshots in your Photo Library. A very smart convenience feature.


Need to scan a document, just open Notes. Here you can scan a document, mark it up and send it on its way.

The One Handed Keyboard

The One Handed Keyboard will make it a little more comfortable to type with one hand if you’re inclined to do so.  When the keyboard is visible, just hold down the Emoji key and choose between Right, Left or Center keyboard.

Offload Unused Apps

I’m sure we are all guilty of downloading and trying all sorts of apps only to find after a while that they remain unused and just take up a lot of room on our iPhones. Now you can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and choose to Offload Unused Apps. When you start to run low on storage, unused apps will be offloaded automatically. This will not affect your documents or data.

I’m sure there are more hidden gems to discover in iOS11, but this is all I have time for at the moment. Happy hunting.

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