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Here’s How Your Web Design Describes Your Company Image

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“People ignore design that ignores people.”

  – Frank Chimero

It is as simple as that. If your website design is neglected enough to neglect the visitors, surely it’s going to be neglected by the visitors too. It’s about the appearance, which always matters. It’s a very basic factor that can easily affect your online presence. But firstly the fact that should be highlighted is having the website. At this time of digital marketing, if you don’t have a website, you probably don’t have a business too. Right after that when you have it, know that your business is being judged by it. 

If an established business ignores the fact of having a website or a well-designed website, even if they don’t know what they’re really missing out. So when a website has this much impact, don’t you think it is essential to prioritize the design? But what is good design anyway?  Let’s get to know the significance of a quality web design and how it’s representing your company image:

The reflection of your business

The thing that should be acknowledged first is, your website mirrors your business. It’s of chief importance as it drives your clients and customers to you. The website reflects your professionalism and seriousness about your business, hence, there’s no chance to compromise with it. So if you have a website that’s in good order and serving the visitor’s purpose feasibly, it means it is valid and weighty. When your visitors can connect with your website, they can connect with your business easily and then you know it’s a good one. 

“The first impression is the best impression”

Do they trust your site? A question like that can be aroused only when the website design is poor. People don’t trust sites with poor design and appearance. The website sets the first impression of your business and it just takes less than a second to judge a site only at a glance. Visitors don’t waste their time if it’s not worthy. How fast is the blink of an eye? Exactly, your design should be that cool to impress them in the blink of an eye and make them feel like exploring your site because 90% of the impression goes to the design. You may have excellent content but they get influenced by the design before even start looking upon the contents. So it’s important to grab the attention & trust of the visitors and it can be gained by quality design which is definitely helpful in generating clients to your business through digital marketing.

Beyond just professionalism

Things that can help your business through the website does not necessarily have to be professional. Digital marketing strategies are not bound to only professionalism. If you have added up innovative and creative taglines, catchphrase or punchline relevant to your business, surely it’s grabbing the interest of visitors towards your business. Instead of using things like “We are creative, we are expert” and all, use something humorous. It can be very helpful to make your site’s first impression appealing. People also like and get attracted to funny content so you can put things which are humorously funny.

“Content is king”

The famous buzzword is from an essay by Bill Gates that emphasizes the importance of content. No doubt content is the key to success. But there’s a saying as well, “Content doesn’t win, only optimized content wins.” You may create great content but make sure people see it. But how would you do that? By promoting it. When visitors come to your site, they come to know about your service & products and your website deliver that information through the contents. If you don’t optimize your content right, the search engine won’t understand when to show your site’s pages in relevant search queries on Google search results. Soon it’s going to be wasted. So undeniably it is of a high priority to optimize the contents on several occasions. On the other hand, it’s not only serving the purpose of the clients & customers but reflecting your business as well; so it should be in such a way to which your visitors can connect. 

A startup advisor David Casali has stated the major things that should be on the homepage of a website:

  1. A branding element (the logo)
  2. A descriptive element (a title and description)
  3. A call to action (a button)
  4. A visualization (a screenshot, video or mood image)
  5. A navigation element (a menu)

Basic elements can’t be denied because it’s usually at the primary stage when you focus on the outline and planning. A simple thing that is missed out can affect it thoroughly.

SEO friendly and user-friendly website

While making a website, it’s also to be ensured that your website can be operated from the phone too as most of your visitors might be visiting the site from their phone, that’s also a part of user-friendliness. Including eye-catching content, descriptions, and titles the functionality should come of a high priority because if visitors face problems functioning a site, it doesn’t worth a second. If they find difficulty, they’ll switch to another site quickly. 

Then one of the major points to be focused is if it’s SEO friendly or not. An SEO friendly site is the one which is designed and developed as a search engine friendly so that people can easily find it when they search with relevant keywords in the search engines.

Besides all the things, promote your service or products giving clear ideas about it to your clients or customers on your website in a way that meets their desire. You can’t deny the fact how a website really drives traffic to your web pages so keeping that in mind, for the sake of your business just don’t let it stay clumsy and boring. 

Therefore we know that a website is not only a great way to boost up your business but an essential step to promote it and reach the clients & customers easily.

Usman Raza


Author: Usman Raza is the co-founder of a Christian SEO Company and marketing strategist working with various brands online. Usman is the content marketing manager at an Internet Advertising Firm in Los Angeles, PSD to Shopify, and Nano Hearing Aids. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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