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Here’s How Samsung Going Lead the Future of Mobile Companies

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Samsung is now creating a significant innovation in the world that drives business progress. For the year 2020, the legacy of bringing forward the progressive technology will remain the same for Samsung. The company is striving to build more high-tech tools and technology solutions. Samsung is ready to guide the digital transformations within the industries of the world. It will employ its extensive suite of mobile devices and their future. With the 500,000 people of the workforce, the company is infused with a mammoth of ideas.

Edward Choi, Corporate VP Global Strategic Alliances, Samsung Electronics declared the technological strategies of the company,

“In fact, we believe our open and collaborative approach will set new standards and accelerate innovations that prioritize productivity, security, and mobility.”

Not to forget, Samsung’s revenue is almost equal to 17% of South Korea’s total GDP, $1,082 billion. This drove the organization toward the making of streamlined versatile work understanding through Samsung DeX. It’s a definitive portable efficiency of the company guiding the future of work for business and customers the same. Samsung DeX and Global Partner Networking are building a strong new future for enhancing the venture environment altogether. 

At the time of Samsung Developer Conference 2019, the company featured key partners who can provide optimal productivity through the latent capacities. These partnerships will lead the company to transform the connectivity.  

Samsung’s Vision 2020

Samsung’s vision for the year 2020 is to “Inspire the World to Create the Future”. Till 2019, Samsung remained the crown prince of the Mobile Phones Industry. Apple and Huawei were ranked to be second and third, respectively. Samsung has a market share of 24% worldwide which has remained unparalleled until now. This vision of Samsung is to lead developments in products, technology, and infrastructures. For richer digital experiences, Samsung is inspiring global companies for a better future. 

Samsung’s Global Collaboration for the Leading Future


Microsoft and Samsung endeavor to furnish experts with driving innovation to work from anyplace, and whenever, by coordinating the best of the organizations’ equipment, programming, arrangements and administrations. Together, Microsoft 365 on Windows Virtual Desktop and Samsung mobile phones creative technologies empower users to have an extraordinary virtual workspace. Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop and Samsung DeX empower a full-screen Microsoft 365 experience from Samsung DeX-enabled mobile gadgets through Windows Virtual Desktop on an Android endpoint – empowering laborers to be considerably progressively profitable, regardless of where they go. 

Samsung DeX gives a workspace like an experience altogether fueled by a Samsung Galaxy device1. Utilizing a mobile gadget and associated screen, Samsung DeX permits users to consistently change starting with one application onto the next. You can utilize Android applications on the mobile gadget while chipping away at Windows applications conveyed from Azure on an associated screen. 

Furthermore, the new Galaxy Book was established on the Microsoft Windows 10 setup according to the mobile enterprise client. 

Rob Howard, the Senior Director of a Microsoft claimed:

“Samsung and Microsoft share a commitment to open collaboration and are continually looking for new ways to deliver the best productivity experiences across devices, applications and services”


Samsung and Cisco are cooperating to empower a savvy and bring together an understanding of Webex networking across Samsung mobile phones. This collaboration was established with the objective to make it simpler for individual and business users to work together with one another. Together, Cisco and Samsung made the best Wi-Fi 6 experience. Through joint ventures and field foundations, the company created innovation improved for application developers and mobile users. Not long ago, Samsung propelled the Samsung Galaxy S10 as the principal Wi-Fi 6 enabled mobile phone. Wi-Fi 6, the future of Wi-Fi network innovation, not just gives quicker system speeds; its expanded system capacities joined with 5G will make a consistent and hyper-associated understanding of the eventual fate of the business. 

All credits go to Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft and Cisco that created unique ways of working.  Samsung will reshape the future of technology and other mobile companies to stand out at the top like forever. Samsung has reconfigured its networks with the 5G implementation. Samsung competed with the Top-Notch Apple through the launch of the Samsung S Series now; the whole bunch of mobile companies will be led by Samsung alone. The Future of Samsung Mobiles worldwide is 

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