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Here’s How 3D Product Configurations Can Boost Your E-commerce Sales

3D Products

A 3D product configurator is an innovative and new digital tool that’s helping e-commerce stores boost their revenue in a more customer-centric way. Apart from customers, it also allows manufacturers and retailers to successfully overcome challenges they face while creating, promoting, and selling goods.

What are 3D Product Configurations?

Usually, it’s a software app built for customizing products online. Sometimes 3D product configurators are also used in local stores — just to form interactive displays to attract more people. With the help of a 3D configurator, customers can customize the product’s design the way they want and create their unique version of it.

When using a 3d configurator, customers can make 3D models of products, alternating their materials, changing colors, texture quality, and so on. This way, it’s possible to look at each feature and customize the product the way you want. What’s more? These 3d configurators offer a 360-degree view of the product and show all sides to give customers a comprehensive understanding.

However, by using 3D product configurations on your online store, you can prevent such a horrible outcome with ease. How? Keep reading and find out yourself.

1. Enhances Customer Experience and Satisfaction

3D product configurations give the customers a unique opportunity to customization goods the way they actually want. The customers are offered a base CG model of the product with an easy-to-use set of changeable features. With a few clicks, customers can modify the product according to their interests and needs.

While applying changes to a product, the customer naturally learns a lot about the item he’s chosen. Namely, he gets to know what specific options and characteristics he has chosen, what features are available, what’s the difference, and how much each configuration will cost.

What’s more, customers enjoy the process of creative designing and customizing products. This helps them to build an emotional connection with the product and this increases the chances to make a purchase.

2. 3D Configuration Tools Help to Track Customer Behavior

Understanding customers’ behavior is one of the essential pillars of a successful e-commerce business. And a 3D product configurator built in the store does the exact same thing. As it’s an interactive and innovative tool, it smoothens the actions of the customers, which can be tracked and analyzed.

Namely, store owners can monitor customers’ behavior and the number of people who use the 3D product configurations. They can als0 track further actions like how much time they spend customizing, what each customer’s preferred design looks like, what style they prefer, and much more.

When this date compiles with other marketing data, like sales dynamics, conversion rates, return rates, traffic, and customer satisfaction, this information can help in building more relevant products and reaching out to customers in a more personalized way, and doing analysis.

3. Product configurators decrease return rates

A recent report from Forbes shows that e-commerce stores that use 3D product configurators are getting 80% lower return rates than the ones not. But, what’s backing this impressive stat? The customers are designing their products themselves. These configurations not only help customers make faster decisions but also the right ones.

Customers get more confident regarding their choice because they can explore the product more and have a good understanding of the product’s features. That’s because 3D models are used in co-design platforms that introduce products to the customers in a more accurate way than traditional static pictures do.

Also, as mentioned earlier, customers learn a lot about their chosen products when designing them through a 3 product configurator. As a result, it narrows the gap between a person’s expectations and reality about the product. Which leads to better customer satisfaction, and reduces the return rate.

4. It cuts down stock and inventory cost

It’s nearly impossible to meet all the modern customers’ needs with a poor assortment. So, to succeed in the market, whether it’s offline or online, brands tend to offer diverse products of any taste. But there’s a problem: having a wide range of products requires big inventory with high expenses for storage space.

This big trouble can be treated if the brand or any company uses 3D product configurations. Companies can use this configurator to demonstrate a wide range of possible choices in a digital world. This way, the products will only be manufactured once an order has been placed through a configurator. Therefore, there will be no more need of buying or renting out big storage spaces to keep the stocks.


3D product configuration has offered a lot to the e-commerce industry and has proven its effectiveness and efficiency for different industries. The Configurator database shows that there are more than 1300 tools being used in 17 different fields. And this is not a surprise because 3D product configurations not only allow product customization but also ease the process of purchasing and get better customer satisfaction.

Apart from that, it also shortens the sales cycle and delivers a more accurate personalized product that reduces return rates. Plus, it helps monitor customers’ behavior and cut down storage and inventory costs. I hope that from today’s article, you have learned about a new opportunity waiting for your to maximize your e-commerce profit and deliver better products to your customers.

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