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Helpful Apps For Deaf Or Hearing Impaired

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These Free Apps Aid Hearing Impaired Making Their Lives Much Easier.

Ever since its existence, our lives have been changed by technology. Although it had some negative impact, you still cannot deny the breakthrough it has offered humanity. On their own, mobile applications serve people in many ways possible, as many apps are tailored to our needs. Also, there are many websites like which will help you to know more about devices like cordless phones for the hearing impaired with answering machines etc. You may also visit MedicalPrices for a Guide To Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids.

Here are 5 apps that will significantly help people suffering from hearing loss. You can now think about even getting a phone for hearing impaired people so that they stay in contact with the loved ones without worrying about hearing them on the receiving end. Along with this phone, these apps change the life of someone who is suffering from a hearing impairment. For those less interested in smartphone connections, Blue Angels Hearing is one of the top brands that offers hearing aids at an affordable price.

Bio Aid

BioAid turns your smartphone into a Hearing Aid. It transforms the sound detected through the phone’s Mic, into a hearing-impaired user-friendly format, over-connected earphones. It is available for iOS.

Easy Talk Lite

This app transcribes conversations due to its voice recognition features and is available for ANDROID.


This eliminates all the communication barriers between the person having a hearing impairment and a nonsigner. It allows a video call an interpreter who verbally translates the signing to the hearing caller. It is available for iOS. 

Itv Signed Stories 

This app is for all the mummies who are struggling with their kids. It is hard to deal with the kids suffering from hearing impairment. Their entertainment, communication, education, everything but you don’t have to compromise now with any of these things. ITV signed stories offer a variety of signed bedtime stories in both British and American signed English Available for iOS.


When you can download Signily then why will you need emojis? Just imagine that you have an entire keyboard dedicated to sign language. Signify is full of all hand gestures a signer would require for communication. Available for Android and iOS.

Other Kinds Of Hearing-related Apps

There are a large number of apps available that claim to test your hearing. These tests do not match the precision of professional hearing tests. The hearing care professional provides tests with the calibrated equipment and checks that the headphones fit properly in your ears.

Professional hearing exams are given in a quiet environment that meets standards for maximum noise in different frequency bands. The hearing care professional performs a visual inspection of the ear canal and the eardrums, to ensure there is no medical problem.

Hearing Aid manufacturers include tinnitus maskers in their Hearing Aid app. Also, there are standalone tinnitus masking apps. These apps help patients block out their Tinnitus with a pleasing sound. Some apps offer educational content to help in managing the Tinnitus. The hearing care professional can guide you on how to use this app properly.

The third kind of apps is auditory training apps. They work as part of a hearing rehabilitation program to retrain the brain to hear better in challenging situations. You need to schedule several short practice sessions on these apps over a time period. You can think of auditory training as similar to physical therapy. It takes time for auditory muscles to get stronger.

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