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Health Tech Join Hands With Fitness Industry

Health Tech

Health Tech

When digital health tech and the fitness industry join hands in the battle against inactivity, immense weight gain, it becomes a win-win situation.

We all are familiar with wearable health tech from FitBit, Google, and Apple which have been successful in gaining mass adoption. Gym members would certainly wish to have all their fitness trackings integrated into one place.

It should be kept in mind that wearable technology is certainly not doing any harm to the existing personal trainers around the world. It’s okay even if you don’t have one because the technology has the power to become your own personal trainer.

Real-time feedback in the form of voice guidance, haptic feedback, and on-screen analysis are the key features of any wearable health tech you come across today.

Let’s look at few of the options available that revolutionize our health, fitness, and routines.

Health TechBioRing

If you are looking to

  • Shed a few pounds
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Improve your sleep patterns
  • Stay hydrated

BioRing will alert the user to drink more water. It will also alert you when you should relax to reduce stress. In addition, it helps users to know the best time for them to wake up in the morning. This is based on your sleep cycle and will motivate you to get up and stop wasting their time lying in bed.

Health TechFitBit Flex

This small band weighing 16 grams is tough and intelligent enough to track your everyday fitness. One of the most renowned and simple apps to keep yourself healthy. You can check these out on Amazon.

Health TechGymWatch

If you are more into building muscle, GymWatch would guide you through. The gadget measures motion and is integrated with a smartphone app. Designed with vocal feedback, GymWatch gives you suggestions about what exercises to continue for better muscle building.

Health TechJabra Sport Pulse Earphones

Who wants to be disturbed by all the surrounding noisy people in the gym? Constantly bugging you for information and small talk. Jabra Sport Pulse is here to save the day. A heart rate tracker is placed right in the inner ear with the help of earphones.

Health TechBeast

Obsessed with lifting? Beast is going to track what you can lift. You can comfortably wear it on your wrist and data would be sent to your tablet or smartphone letting you know how far you have come.

Health TechAtlas Wristband

Learning new exercises by analysing your motion is the idea behind Atlas Wristband. TheAtlas Wristband has the ability to know when you are doing what kind of exercise. It is said to surpass FitBit in terms of performance.

It is certainly important to interpret the data correctly. We all are familiar with a basic knowledge of what diet intake, steps taken, and heart rate tells us. But the real meaning according to every person’s height, weight and age vary. This is where the importance of a Personal Trainer should be highlighted since most of us don’t hold a sports science degree. The fitness devices can’t monitor our environmental, physical and emotional factors, so understanding this data by such devices is a key element.

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