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Half Of The Recalled Galaxy Note7′ in The US Exchanged

Galaxy Note7

Faulty Galaxy Note7′ in The US Exchanged

Earlier this month Samsung announced the official recall of the Samsung Note 7. The recall came days after it’s release. This came in light of the numerous reports of Galaxy Note7 allegedly “Blowing Up” when being charged. This sparked a wave of controversy and Samsung had no choice but to start the Recall and Exchange program.

US Authorities Step In

Samsung had previously issued a voluntary recall of the faulty phones. The US authorities have taken matters into their own hands. This was after almost 100 cases of the phones catching fire were reported. This caused injuries and destroyed property. Reportedly one million phones had to be sent back as US regulators criticize the company for not coordinating with authorities.

“Because this product presents such a serious fire hazard. I am urging all consumers. … to take advantage of this recall right away. As a general matter, it’s not a recipe for a successful recall for a company to go out on its own. Anybody who thinks that a company going out on its own is going to provide the best recall for that company. And more importantly for the consumer, needs to have more than their phone checked.” said Elliot Kaye, chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The program appears to be somewhat of a success. With the company reporting “about half” of the recalled devices have been exchanged. Samsung also revealed that 90% of its customers exchanging their Note7 opted to receive a new Note7, instead of another Galaxy device.

According to the press release

“Samsung Electronics America announced that about half of all recalled Galaxy Note7 phones sold in the U.S. have been exchanged. This was accomplished through Samsung’s voluntary recall. Additionally, 90 percent of Galaxy Note7 owners have been opting to receive the new Galaxy Note7. Since the phones became widely available on Wednesday, September 21.”

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