Guidelines For 3rd Party Posts On Cupertinotimes

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CupertinoTimes publishes articles from our in-house writers, as well as contributed content from other writers. These can be either “Guest” posts or “Sponsored” posts.  We also publish “Syndicated” content provided by other publishers. The following is intended to explain this in more detail.

All Post Types

Cupertinotimes is basically an online magazine. In all cases, we ask that submitted articles be relevant to the interests of our audience which includes topics related to tech, business, lifestyle, financial, health, and more. 

Guest Post

Guest posts provide an opportunity for aspiring bloggers, techies, marketing or journalism students trying to build credibility and a reputation. In some cases, this can help you build links to your own website. Guest posts also allow you to build a body of published work for your portfolio or resume. 

Writers who submit original articles that have not yet been published elsewhere and who agree not to submit to other sites for a period of ten days following the date of submission to will receive the following benefits if their article is approved.


  • Full credit and acknowledgment for the article by placing the writer’s provided 1-2 sentence bio and an optional thumbnail photo at the end of the article.
  • Featured placement on our homepage
  • Featured placement on our social media pages on
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Tumblr
    • LinkedIn
  • Consideration for video/audio conversion and distribution of the converted article to our YouTube channel.

There is no compensation other than having your article published on our site and shared on our social media pages.

Sponsored Post

“Sponsored” posts are paid posts that promote a specific product, service or website. “do follow” links are possible.

Fees range depending on the number of links and other factors. We will strive to work within your budget. Send any inquiries to All of our articles are shared on our social media sites as well.

If you can send any sponsored posts our way, great!  They help pay the bills.


Upon publishing your sponsored article an invoice is sent to you or the email address that you designate. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. A reminder will be sent if it remains unpaid. If the invoice remains unpaid after the reminder has been sent backlinks will be removed from the article until the account is brought up-to-date.

Syndicated Post

Syndicated content is provided by other publishers. These articles are already published on their sites. Syndication allows publishers to extend the reach of their content by publishing on additional sites. We use canonical links when publishing a syndicated article that avoids duplicate content. Google does not like duplicate content so we do everything we can to keep Google happy.

The following or similar statement is placed at the beginning of all syndicated articles on Cupertinotimes:

This article by [Author’s Name and Link] was originally published at [Originating Website With a Link to the Article] on [Original Publish Date]. It is being republished here with the publisher’s permission.”

Example: Should Your Company Become a Blockchain Business?

Writing Guidelines For Submitted Articles To Cupertinotimes

1. Titles

Titles should be either ALL CAPS or All Words Capitalized



  • “This Is The Title Of My Article”

Titles should contain the keyword(s) you want the article to rank for.

Optimal title length is between 55 and 60 characters so try to stay within this limit. Try to sum up the topic of the article in the title with as few words as possible.


Use H2, H3, H4 headings, preferably containing the keyword(s) you want the article to rank for.


An appropriate, royalty-free, featured image should be included with your article whenever possible. Sites like and are excellent sources for free use images. Please include the source of the image whenever possible since we encourage giving credit for the work of others. If an image is not available, one will be provided.

Featured Images should be 1200 Pixels in width or height.

Images should be in either the jpg, jpeg or png format.


If you are quoting someone in your article, please use “quotation marks”.

5. Mention Sources

If you are mentioning a source such as a report, article, interview, etc., provide the link to the source so proper attribution can be provided.

6. Spelling and Grammar Checking

Use Grammarly (Free) or other spelling and grammar checking software to proof your article before submitting it.

7. Length

Typically our articles are a minimum of 400 words with no maximum word count. The longer the better.


All submitted content must be original and pass CopyScape. Submitted articles are checked for plagiarism on sites like

9. Editing

Content may be edited for readability, spelling, grammar, punctuation or to improve the article’s SEO score. This is done at the sole discretion of the editor.

10. Author’s Bio

We like to give full credit and acknowledgment to writers so feel free to include an author’s bio. If you provide an author’s bio please limit it to 2 or 3 sentences. It can include a maximum of two links to the author’s Facebook, Twitter or email.

11. Author’s Photo

If you choose to include the author’s thumbnail photo it should be 150 X 150 pixels and in either the jpg, jpeg or png format.

12. Backlinks

Any links in submitted content must not lead to anything spammy or illegal. Specifically, gambling, porn, hate, etc. Link approval is at the sole discretion of the editor. We use broken link detection software so we are notified when links are broken. Broken links are removed. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their links remain live.

13. The Queue

All submitted content is placed in a queue in order of priority. The first priority is sponsored (paid) posts. Next is syndicated posts, then Guest posts. It is our goal to publish content within 24 – 48 hours after receiving it. This depends largely on the number of articles that are pending in the queue.

Submitting Your Article

Send your article as an email attachment in the .doc, .docx, .txt, .RTF, HTML, or .Pages format to

Send any questions or followup you may have to

Thank you,