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8 Easy Ways To Guard Your Privacy On iPhone

Guard Your Privacy On iPhone

In the world today where all information is shared, there are few things that can be kept private. The world of technology has come to a point where our privacy is at risk and serious precautions need to be taken to avoid any kind of mishap. From financial data to passwords, location, contacts and emails, our phones basically know everything about us and our life events and the people in it.

People with iPhones should keep the following things in check to increase their privacy. You might pick a few of these options that you find necessary.

1. Activate “limit ad tracking”

Advertisements based on your interests are a very common thing nowadays, but you need to limit that.

From your “Settings” menu go to “Privacy,” then scroll right down to see “Advertising.” Tap this, then set “Limit Ad Tracking” to on.

2. Turn off Location-based ads

Location-based ads are now the new in-thing because people want to know what their surroundings have to offer. But this makes your location visible so you can turn this off by going to “Settings,” “Privacy,” “Location Services,” then finally “System Services” and make “Location-Based Apple Ads”  set to off.

3. Stop joining Wi-Fi networks blindly

This is a major concern because of our endless thirst for Wi-Fi, anywhere and everywhere. Not all connections are trusted so go to “Settings,” then “Wi-Fi,” the find the option to get your iPhone to alert you to new Wi-Fi networks while out and about. Activate it to avoid getting connected to networks that are not trust-worthy.

4. Create a custom alphanumeric passcode

Alphanumeric Codes are far more secure than the regular security code that is the 6 digit number. Try and chose a very tough one, so nobody can get past it. Follow these steps: Go to the “Touch ID & Passcode” section in your settings. Select “Change passcode,” then, once you’ve entered your old passcode, tap on the blue text at the bottom of the screen that says “Passcode Options.” Here you get to set the new passcode.

5. Use a SIM PIN

If you turn this feature on every time you remove your SIM card a lock will be activated and stay activated unless the PIN number is entered. Follow these simple steps:

Go to Settings, Phone then SIM PIN.

6. Limit Lock Screen Activities

It’s better to limit Siri commands, Apple Pay and Wallet as well as the ability to reply to messages and receiving notifications.

7. Make Safari more secure

Along with disabling cookies, it’s better not to save the passwords to your social networking sites or any other accounts.

Disable the “Autofill” option.

8. Erase Data option after 10 passcode attempts

Lastly, God forbid if your phone gets stolen or gets in the hands of someone who simply wants to steal your information. iPhone has an option that allows your data to be erased once and for all in any such scenario.

Go to “Touch ID and Passcode” and turn on this option that if your passcode gets incorrectly entered 10 consecutive times, all the data gets erased.

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
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