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Great Google Classroom Apps That You Can Use For Interactive Learning

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While teaching used to be a one-sided thing, now students and teachers can collaborate on the lessons. The teachers can see how their students progress through the learning process–what they understand and what they don’t understand.

However, since Google Classroom, this has been made even easier.

Take a look at some of the apps that can change the way you teach:


This is a free interactive tool that has proven useful for students from elementary schools to high schools. This intuitive extension can help students improve their writing and grammar skills. It provides a lot of lessons on writing.

Since good writing is one of the hardest skills to acquire, this is a good thing for both students struggling with writing and those who are good at it since it provides enough challenges.

Quill has a diagnostic activity that can help teacher track their students’ process and help them improve their writing where necessary. It has grammar and proofreading activities and it’s very interactive.

It’s fully integrated with Google Classroom and you can download it in the Chrome Web Store.

Insert Learning

“This is a Chrome Extension that will allow teachers to add some content to any web page. They can differentiate these instructions by scaffolding this text with questions and media and there are embedded discussions that students can participate in. This is a really great assistant for interactive learning for both the students and the teachers,” says a writer at Draftbeyond and Writinity, Kate Sudd.

Teachers can teach many subjects this way, including writing, math, and other subjects.

Google Docs

Google Docs was a great tool even before Google Classroom but now it’s even better. It’s not only a word processor but so much more than that. You can perform a spell check, use various other tools to check your writing quality and the best part – one that can prove most useful to the teachers and students – is collaboration option.

They can all share documents, review them, add comments and change what needs to be changed. It’s an extremely useful tool that will allow you to work with your students seamlessly.


This is a worksheet creator that will allow teachers to create custom worksheets for their students. Teachers can also copy their existing worksheets and add them to the worksheet library.

They can also search for worksheets with tags and then they can adapt and change those worksheets to fit their current lessons. There is a worksheet builder that can help them create a wide variety of worksheets of different formats and with different types of questions–open-ended, multiple choice, fill in the blank, tables and a lot more. They can also include all kinds of media like audio, video or images to add to the overall attractiveness of the worksheet. The free plan only enables sharing with Google Classroom via URL while the paid version is completely integrated.

TES Teach

“This is a free lesson platform which can encourage students to engage through lessons and presentations. Interactive lessons can be created with content from different web pages like YouTube, Flickr, Drive, Dropbox, Google Images and so on. You can also upload images from your own computer.”, says an author at Researchpapersuk, Mia Poe.

You can also create quizzes for your lessons on Blendspace and then share them with a link, a QR code or through social media. TES Teach is integrated with Google Classroom while the TES Teach can connect with Blendspace through Chrome.

If you are looking for some good and reliable apps that will introduce new methods of teaching to your life, these are some of the best choices. Use them with the Google Classroom and enjoy watching as your students learn better and faster than ever.

About the author: Martina Sanchez, an entrepreneur, also works as a content marketing specialist for Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays. When she is not working or running her startup, she is writing articles for her blog Last Minute Writing where she talks about SEO, digital marketing and writing. 

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