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Google’s GBoard


Google’s GBoard

Google has always been known for making such great technological advances. They have created a technology empire that is the envy of all other tech companies. They do so many complicated and insanely awesome things, such as the Driverless Car and Android. I’ve always been an Apple fanboy but I really do admire Google for their innovative spirit and their ability to create such amazing technologies.

But sometimes Google does things that are just simply obvious that we need. Google recently posted a video on YouTube about their new app, GBoard, which allows one to search the beloved search engine right through their keyboard. This can be done on any app that is being used.

GBoardIn order to install the keyboard, you visit the Apple App Store and download the GBoard app. When it is installed on your Apple device, you click on the app. There will be a quick tutorial on how to use the keyboard and a few animations of its awesome features. The app will ask you to go to your Settings App > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard… > and then press on GBoard. To use the keyboard, hold the globe on the bottom-left corner of the keyboard and slide your finger to GBoard.

Now you might be thinking, why do I need this. Well, the goal of this app is to make it easier to access Google and not have to switch between apps when you’re messaging someone. For example, if someone doesn’t know the address to someplace, such as a restaurant or entertainment area, you can simply tap the Google icon and search for the address. You click on the address of the place you were looking for. The address automatically copies itself into the message bar (after you have the GBoard app access to your location while you use the app).

GBoardSome of the cooler features of this new third-party keyboard include the ability to send pictures and GIFs directly from the Google results in the keyboard. The pictures automatically show up in the results of the keyboard and copy to the message bar when you click on them. The image can be easily deleted by a simple press of the “backspace” button.

GBoard will also be available for Android devices soon.

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