Google To Setup Self-driving Car Facility Near Detroit


Self-driving Car Facility

Google has announced that it has decided to set up a facility in Greater Detroit area for the development of self-driving car technology.

The 53,000 square feet facility is located in Novi, Michigan. The facility is nothing more than a blank canvas at the moment but according to Google, the company will complete setup at the facility within 2016.

According to a post on Google+, the reason for choosing this location was that many project partners involved in the self-driving car Project were based in Michigan. An office at this location will help Google in keeping good collaboration with the project partners. Furthermore, Michigan is known for its top vehicle development engineers. The company could take advantage of adding a few members from Michigan to their self-driving car project.

The statement on Google+ read “For the past few years, members of our team have been working from the Greater Detroit area. Now it’s time to lay down roots. Many of our current partners are based here, so having a local facility will help us collaborate more easily and access Michigan’s top talent in vehicle development and engineering.”

Building an office in the Greater Detroit area shows the interest of the company in the project. This advancement is contrary to the company’s statement that it is o not interested in the manufacturing process of the vehicle.

The Google facility for self-driving cars is located near Mcity. Mcity is an Ann Arbor self-driving car testing facility.

Once the setup at the facility is completed Google’s first major task would be to manufacture self-driving hybrid vans in collaboration with Chrysler Pacifica. Google had recently made an official announcement about its partnership with Chrysler Pacifica. Google’s Self Driving Car technology is a part of Chrysler Pacifica’s 2017 model.

Chrysler Pacifica is planning to manufacture 100 of these minivans. They are expected to be completed by the end of 2017. These minivans will first be deployed in Mountain View. Other testing sites for the project haven’t been select by Google yet.

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