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Google Releases Inbox App For iPad

A couple of months ago Google Inbox was making a lot of waves as the ultimate email app. The app is available for Android, Chrome and now iOS. Google just released the iPad version of their latest service, Inbox.

Google Inbox App On iPad

inbox for ipad

With Inbox Google wanted to re-invent the ‘inbox’. Google Inbox brings a lot of new smart stuff to the table. It strives for uniqueness by having algorithms that decide what the most important emails are, what the most important part of the email is and groups similar emails together in the form of ‘Bundles’. This is done by scanning the account when the user first signs in.

‘Highlights’ provides a sneak peek of the email displaying the important bits so you know at a glance what the email is about, like shipping information. Another neat feature is ‘Snooze’ which defer emails and reminders to a later time or date of your choosing. Adding ‘Reminders’ to your inbox actually puts everything you need to get back to in one place.

That is not all, physical addresses in the emails are automatically detected and converted to Google Maps links, airline confirmation numbers become flight status updates.

google inbox for ipad

Support for Google Inbox has been added for popular browsers that are not Chrome, like Firefox and Safari. Inbox significantly adds to Gmail’s already tested features such as search, reliability and effective spam detection. This combination makes Inbox the best option around and leaves the competition in the dust. This seems like a sensible step for Google to cater to users on iOS, specifically the iPad. In a competitive market, Google seems to be bolstering one of its core competencies.

Right now the only way to get Google Inbox is to request an invite as the service is not open to all. To request an invite just send an email to Once you become a user you will be able to invite your friends as well. Ask around if someone you know already has an account you can just get a code from them to get in.

In our opinion, Google Inbox sounds like a must-have. Tell us about it in the comments.

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