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Google Motion Stills Converts Apple Live Photos into Captivating GIFs

Google Motion Stills

Google Motion Stills

One of the most common habits of this generation is taking tons of photos and capturing everything in daily life in videos using their smartphones and other devices. Honestly, taking pictures and capturing videos is fun and to a lot of people a source of enjoyment. However, the space between those still photos and high-quality videos has been effectively filled by the introduction of GIFs. These little clips have grown to occupy their own place of being lighter and smaller than videos and because of their portability and friendly formats.
Google has just introduced an iOS app called Motion Stills that converts iPhone’s Live Photos to beautifully compiled stabilized GIFs that can be easily shared through all sources. Google announced this app as a free iOS application on 7th June 2016 on Google Research Blog. Elaborating on its feature, the blog says that Motion Stills shall work as a virtual operator to the iPhone camera. Using video stabilization techniques, the GIFs will be captured by freezing the background to create a still photo that can be easily shared through text messages as well as social media.

Google Motion StillsMotion Stills makes use of an algorithm that can be associated with linear programming. Its aim is to find a virtual path optimize to make videos and bursts giving the impression of being filmed with stabilization equipment. It must be brought into notice that the said Google app does not require the users to sign in to a Google account and hence does not require continuous access to the internet. The users can easily access and use this app at all times without worrying about such requirements. The only requirement is to allow this app access to live photos that are saved in the device.

Google Motion StillsLive Photos was one of the key features introduced in Apple 6s and later products as well as the newest smartphones, however, this feature did not receive appreciable attention from the users. Google Motion Stills has given iPhone users a reason to dig out all their Live photos that they may have captured and convert them into stabilized and captivating GIFs. In a way, Google Motion Stills has enhanced the popularity of Apple’s Live Photos.

Motion Stills is designed such that it can efficiently convert live photos within a matter of seconds into GIFs. It does an amazing job at producing time lapses and allows users to share the GIFs with their friends that are Android users, Twitter, and other social connections. In addition, this app can also be used to bind together Live Photos to create fun video loops. This feature has employed video optimization techniques in it. 

Google has greatly encouraged iPhone users to give Motion Stills a shot and enjoy the Live photos feature by sharing their fun moments with friends and family. It is available to all on the App store from where it can be downloaded, free of cost. It is assumed that this app will soon be made available for Google Photos too. 

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
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