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Google Duo Video Calling App Launched For iOS and Android

Google Duo

Google Duo Video Calling

Google has launched a new video calling app called Google Duo.  The aim of the app is to provide easy and reliable video calling. Google has launched the app on both Android and iOS.

There is a number of different video calling apps already. What makes Google Duo different is its Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) which allows video calling without complexity.

Google Duo is a cell phone only application. The app promises fewer call drops and better quality on both Wi-Fi and cellular connection.

It will soon be rolled out worldwide.

The application is designed to be simple and easy. Hence, to start the app you only need your phone number and of course a phone with the app installed on it. The app does not require a Google account.

Google Duo Features

Google has kept the app very simple and everything is just a tap away. You can start making a call with a single tap, you can attend a call with the simple tap.

The app is designed to maintain a good connection even with poor internet speed. The app will adjust call quality depending on the internet connection. Hence, allowing fewer call drops. Google Duo will also manage the handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connection by itself.

Google Duo has an interesting feature called Knock Knock. It allows users to see the caller on live video before attending the call. “Knock Knock makes video calling more spontaneous and welcoming, helping you connect with the person before you even pick up,” said Google.

Google has deployed end-to-end encryption on all calls. This will allow users to keep their calls away from prying eyes.

The app is gradually being released throughout the world. So, you may have to wait a little while to start using Google Duo. You can visit Google Play or iTunes to check if the app is available for your device yet.

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