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Google To Train Two Million Android Developers in India

Android Developers

Google is head to head in competition with Apple in trying to train developers to create advanced mobile apps. Google has launched a new program in India. As a part this program, Google is going to train two million Android developers. Under this program, students will learn how to develop Android apps.

Android Developers in India

Google is going to introduce the Android training program in Universities and Colleges across the country free of cost.  Hundreds of public and private universities, as well as training schools, are going to be a part of the program. In a company statement, Google said that the government’s National Skills Development Corporation of India will also offer the program.

Google’s vice president of product management Ceaser Gupta said that the company’s aim is to increase the number of mobile developers in the country.

He said India will become the largest developer population by 2018, which is even more than the US. However, only a quarter of the  population is working on mobile development.

Ceaser said: “We believe India is uniquely placed to innovate and shape the internet experience of billions of users who are and will come online on the mobile platform.”

Google will offer the curriculum for free to millions of people. Google’s aim is to make India a Global leader in mobile development.

Peter Lubbers, head of developer training at Google, talked about the program. He said “We are hoping to get in about 2,000 different universities, training about 4,000 faculty members to reach in excess of 250,000 students in these universities every year,”

Google and Apple

Google is the only company which is training people in such a large number. However, we should keep in mind Apple is also training people in India. Back in May, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company will open a development accelerator program in Banglore. Not to mention, Banglore is the technology hub of India. He also said that this development center will provide new iOS development tools to the people in India.

On the whole, both Google and Apple are trying to increase the number of developers in India. Assistant vice president product at website and app market analytics provider SimilarWeb, Ankit Jain,  said: “By fighting for these developers, Apple and Google are showing how serious they are about the Indian market.”

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