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Gift Ideas for Sorority Sisters

Sorority Sisters

There’s nothing quite like the connection between sorority sisters. For many women, these friendships become an integral part of their lives and last long after college graduation. If you’re looking for a special gift to help commemorate this special friendship, here are some great gift ideas for sorority sisters.

School Inspired Jewelry

College jewelry is a great way to commemorate the institution that made your sorority friendships possible. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings sporting your university’s mascot or logo are wonderful gift options for pledge sisters and can be a daily reminder of the times spent together. Your university bookstore can be a great place to shop for these items, as well as other Greek-inspired accessories. However, a university bookstore’s jewelry choices may be limited. If you’d like more options, you can always search online. Online stores will certainly have jewelry designed for some of the more prominent universities, such as the University of Colorado and Colorado State University. Smaller local and specialty shops selling college jewelry for CO schools will also have designs for schools that are often overshadowed by large public universities, such as the Colorado School of Mines and Colorado Mesa University.

Sorority Signs

Most sorority sisters have a wealth of t-shirts sporting their sorority’s Greek symbol. Upon graduation, however, much of that casual college wardrobe is replaced by more adult clothing. A sign sporting your sorority’s Greek symbol is a great way to provide a daily reminder of the friendships and memories made during college and in the sorority house. These signs can be customized with names and dates and can be designed to fit your sister’s decorating style. For homes that trend toward rustic, a carved wooden sign can be a nice touch. Add a few hooks to a metal sign to hang towels or coats and give the gift of a functional addition to your friend’s home. Regardless of your chosen material, proudly displaying a sorority symbol is sure to be a daily reminder of college days and good friends, as well as a conversation starter with guests. Or if you just want to be lowkey but still want to fly with your symbols, why not try custom towels with logo of your sorority on it?

Get Crafty

If you’re not satisfied with any of the options you find in the stores, you might want to try your hand at making something yourself. Sometimes store-bought gifts don’t quite capture the essence of a friendship, and the hard work you put into making a gift, big or small like toe rings, will make it all the more special to the giftee. Even starting with something simple, like a picture frame, and adding your own small touches to it can elevate a basic gift to a cherished keepsake. Making a special gift for a sister might even be a way to get all of your sorority sisters involved and start a new yearly tradition at your sorority.

Whether you’re planning to say goodbye to a sorority sister about to graduate or need a gift for a lifelong friend you met during Rush Week, recognizing the organization that brought you together is a wonderful way to honor your special connection.

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