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Getting The Best Used Car Deal During Pandemic

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Best Used Car Deal

Buying a used car in the pandemic era is a daunting task to do because of the multiple government safety regulations imposed for maintaining social distance and the limited number of used car dealers who are actually willing to help during the time of crisis. Undoubtedly, the world is blanketed with a layer of uncertainty and so is the case with the automotive world. With manufacturing units closed due to lockdown, your best shot to buy a car is to go for buying a used car. Saving money seems to be the goal of everyone and it is much valid considering the global economic crisis. Before you head straight into buying a used car, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of finding a good dealership for used cars in Sacramento and ensuring vehicle history so you can get the best deal. 

The COVID-19 is far from over. Keeping this in mind, you must stay careful when buying a used car. Unlike the old ways of visiting multiple car dealerships and checking different vehicles to make a decision for buying a used car, things have changed and you need to limit the number of car dealerships that you visit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Government restrictions have either limited the number of operational hours for sales departments or urged them to move on online platforms and sell as per their convenience. Thus, visiting multiple dealerships on foot is not recommended for the sake of ensuring personal safety during the pandemic.

Where can you buy a used car in the pandemic?

The answer is simple: Find online sellers or dealers like and buy from them. 

There are online dealerships such as Carvana and Vroom that offer at-home delivery. You can conduct the entire car-buying process online. You can browse their catalog, arrange your financing, have all the paperwork done, and delivered it to your home all from their site. Alternatively, since most dealers now post their car inventories online, you can easily browse them from your home. Just make sure that you call them up prior to paying them a visit physically since you can request an at-home test drive. This will further make your buying experience much safer, reducing your potential exposure to the virus.

How do I get the best deal?

Just like the regular car dealership days, there is room for negotiation when you are buying a used car during pandemic months. Anyone car salesperson who refuses to negotiate is a red flag and you need to walk away. Keep in mind that even the new car dealers are offering discount offers on new cars to ensure sales. Thus, there is no excuse for avoiding negotiation when you are buying a used car from a car dealer. Since there will be a lack of sales at the dealerships due to pandemics, you are likely to get a very good deal on a used car and enjoy considerable savings. Here are the tips to help you along:

  • Remember, it’s a buyer market. Find a few listings from multiple dealers and negotiate your car deal via phone calls. This allows you to get the best deal since the dealers have to make the best bid to win your purchase.
  • Always get the vehicle history of the car before calling. If the dealer does not offer a free report, you can run vin check online yourself.  This saves you wasting time on deals that you are not interested in purchasing (eg: a salvage rebuilt vehicle – usually plagued with problems down the road).
  • Lastly, be ready to walk away from the deal. Do not fall for those dealer warranties. They are mostly a waste of money and time.

In short, staying at home and researching as much as you can prior to buying a car is always a good practice. Stay Safe!

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