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Get unlimited skips, remove ads in Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes Radio

pandora spotify itunes radio without ads unlimited skips

Mainstream services such as Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio, iHeartRadio Songza, and 8Track are genuinely great for discovering new music, and for streaming your favorite songs whenever you like – in lieu of painstakingly downloading them in less than legal ways.

If you regularly use these services on the go, particularly on your iPhone or iPad, you will know that they come with a certain set of limitations and restrictions. Whether it is the occasional advertisement, the inability to move forward or backward (i.e. ‘scrub’) within a single track, or to skip more than a certain number of tracks – we all dislike them, but these services have to put them in place because that’s just how record labels want them.

remove ads pandora spotify itunes radio skips

While I would strongly suggest paying for a subscription to lift most of these subscriptions, you can always go for the easier, if ethically grey-zoned alternative of installing ScrubRadio – a jailbreak tweak which removes ads, and grants unlimited skips, scrubbing, and more on the aforementioned music streaming services.

This is our third, and possibly final coverage of Andrew Wiik’s recent jailbreak tweak launches (previously we covered NoEarlier, and StreamEnhancer). He has been doing genuinely excellent work so far; based on reports I have read online he works / codes these tweaks for two-three days at a stretch before sleeping for more than twelve hours. It is rather unhealthy – as everyone has been telling him over on Reddit – but it’s his life. Society doesn’t care as long as you are useful to society.

Ethical Greyzone

Now before I got sidetracked, we were discussing the features of ScrubRadio. Besides removing ads, and enabling unlimited skips in Pandora, iTunes Radio, iHeartRadio, 8Track, Songza, Spotify, you get free Pandora One, and the ability to scrub songs in Spotify + iTunes Radio.

pandora spotify itunes radio without ads unlimited skips

Disclaimer: CupertinoTimes reminds its readers that we cover iOS news, apps, tips, and tricks for educational purposes. Using said apps, tips, and tricks for good or bad is entirely up to, and the responsibility of, the reader. We trust you to make the right choice.

Again, I strongly recommend paying the subscription fee, and backing these streaming services plus the music industry instead of getting premium content for free. If you can afford an iOS device, you sure as hell can afford a reasonable subscription fee.

ScrubRadio is available for free under the BigBoss repo on Cydia. BigBoss is slow to push out updates, so you can always download the latest version directly from the developer by adding his repo from Cydia >  Sources > Edit > Add ‘’. 

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