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How To Get OS X Safari-Like Smooth Pinch To Zoom In Chrome

In a competitive market you have to keep stepping up your game. Even the littlest bits count, rather it is the small things that eventually make the difference. There is no such thing as a well rounded software only evolving software that improves. This is evident in the latest build of Chrome Canary for Mac. You can now get smooth pinch to zoom in Chrome on OS X!

Smooth Pinch To Zoom In Chrome Canary

The current stable version of Google Chrome on OS X does supports pinch to zoom but it does not deliver a ‘touchscreen’ experience. What I mean by a ‘touchscreen’ experience is that software built specifically for touchscreens have a different way of handling than those software which are adapted. Safari on OS X gives you that touch-screen experience. It is because of how Apple develops both the hardware and software for their devices, so they’re optimized for each other. Safari, then, is optimized for OS X, and the great trackpad + gestures that come with Macs.

Google has been improving pinch to zooming in Chrome, but it is still no far near as flawless as Safari. The Canary build of Google Chrome – think of it as the alpha, unstable version of Google Chrome – has made a huge leap forward in that regard, finally. You can finally get smooth pinch to zoom in Chrome!

So, if you are a Mac user who just doesn’t like Safari, but wants its smooth pinch to zoom implementation on Chrome: your only current choice at the moment is to download and install Chrome Canary.

Please note that Chrome Canary is the cutting edge of Google Chrome development, so yes you will get the latest features in experimental form, but they will be somewhat unstable. Google introduces features in Chrome Canary first, before pushing them to Chrome Beta and Chrome Stable development channels for the major, mainstream users to use. We do not recommend using Chrome Canary as your daily driver!

If you don’t want to wait for the stable build and give the latest build with improved zoom a try here is a link.

On a relevant sidenote, if you are a Chrome user on OS X, you might have faulty Media Keys. Check out our fix for them!


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