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GenesisONE is a Modern Platform That Addresses No Access to Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrencies are a creation of this century, so we could say that it is a very recent invention of the economy and that it is booming due to the impact it has had on the whole world. Cryptocurrencies are a combination of digital assets that contain large amounts of computing power and a network of servers where data is recorded, stored, and shared.

The main difference between cryptocurrencies and traditional physical money is that the former are decentralized, which is to say that they are not issued or created by a central bank. This implies that these types of currencies are not controlled by external regulators as in the case of physical money.

Bitcoin is the forerunner of crypto assets

Although the best-known currency of all is Bitcoin, since this was the beginning of everything, there are currently other cryptocurrencies that have increased in popularity this year such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Dash. Although of all of them, Ethereum was the most named in 2018. Each cryptocurrency is different and has different uses.

Origin of cryptocurrencies

The origin of cryptocurrencies dates back to a fairly recent past, the 80s thanks to the extension of the use of cryptography in order to generate an important socio-political change in the world. Ten years later, David Chaun created Digicash, a centralized electronic money system that gave the opportunity to carry out transactions anonymously and with total security.

Currently, there are many types of cryptocurrencies that have been based on Bitcoin, since it was the initiator, with variations of all kinds. Classifications of the cryptocurrencies that exist today have even been established as those that are divided into Altcoins, metacoins, and appchains.

Now the cryptocurrency has penetrated into more sectors of the economy, including the online games industry and physical commodity transactions. In the online lottery industry, cryptocurrency has become a recognized currency, due to its relatively stable value (although of course it always fluctuates).

Regarding the use of cryptocurrency in global lottery games, it is a fact that not all lottery lovers have access to cryptocurrency and are therefore able to play. Many lottery fans in different parts of the world can only dream of taking part in large-scale lottery games such as PowerBall and MegaBall, or Euromillions!

Luckily GenesisONE solves this problem!

GenesisONE is a coin-based fundraising mechanism with a standardized coin value. This means that each GenesisONE coin has a stable value, valued at $ 1 USD. With standardization, the GenesisONE coin can be used as a global electronic currency.

Here are the details of the GenesisONE token (this information can be obtained on the official GenesisONE site):

  • Token Name GenesisOne (GenOne)
  • Total Supply1 Undecillion (USD) ~ 1 Sextillion (Euro)
  • Premine 6,000,000 (6×10-28% of Total Supply)
  • Presale 5,000,000 (83.33% of PreMine Supply)
  • Bounty Program 500,000 (8.33% of Premine Supply)
  • Price 1 GenOne = 1 USD or Equivalent ETH

With details like these potential investors can understand that the GenesisONE token is really “well prepared”, including the level of reserve availability.

What do GenesisONE investors get?

Big opportunity! By investing in GenesisONE tokens, every investor has the opportunity to play in big lottery games like PowerBall, invest in projects raised by GenesisONE, and even use GenesisONE to transact on trading commodities such as stocks, forex, and even some traditional commodities.

It can be said that GenesisONE is a modern platform that bridges many marginalized people around the world to participate in global projects. The platform is more than a cryptocurrency. Thank you for reading, hope this post can be useful.

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