Get Your Ghoul On With Geeky Halloween Tech

Halloween Tech

Halloween Tech

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and the first holiday of the season is almost upon us.  All Hallows Eve or better known these days as Halloween is almost upon us.  Halloween used to be almost exclusively for kids, but not anymore.  Everybody gets in on the fun as they should. Once again, the App Store is making it easy to get your ghoul on with apps, that will show you what you look like in spooky makeup. Or provide the spooky sounds that will add atmosphere to your Halloween gatherings. Games, Cards, Wallpapers and more are available for download to your device. Some of us go beyond the usual and go all out utilizing tech to deliver Halloween goosebumps. We’re going to take a look at some of these cool geeky Halloween tech inventions and let you know what we think


Costumes play a major role in the festivities and are on just about everyone’s Halloween list. These caught our attention so we here they are. 

Baby in an LED suit.  An original creation that is now available commercially.  It’s comical to watch a young child’s erratic movements in this suit. Check it out.

Halloween TechYou know you’ve got a hot product when people make a costume replica and wear it around town.


Halloween TechWhat a great use for those old Mac Pluses sitting the garage.

Halloween TechLet’s get this party started! Power up your Halloween party with this pumpkin power up button.

Special Effects:

We did an article a week ago on AtmosFEARfx.  These are really cool Halloween tech effects on your TV screen.  Check it out here.

MotoShane posted this on YouTube a few years back and visually this is pretty impressive. A tricopter drone outfitted with a ghostly, ghoulish costume equipped with lights. The only flaw I can find in this piece of spooky fun is that the drone would likely make enough noise that it would not be sneaking up on anyone. None the less MotoShane pulled it off and it’s cool to look at. It really gets the kids excited.

Hope you enjoy your Halloween festivities.  Enjoy and stay safe.

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