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Gaming Apps That Help You Learn English

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We all have our selection of helpful mobile apps that constantly alert us of the latest shopping deals or tell us about the upcoming weather changes. It is not even surprising to ask a voice assistant for help when we are stuck in the middle of nowhere or when we hope to find the most efficient solution as we are trying to cook that delicious pasta. Still, when it comes to learning English (or any other foreign language), some people will frown because it is not that easy. Still, what would one say when offered a list of gaming apps that help you learn and have fun? The answer is obvious – anyone would be happy to take a ride! 

5 Gaming Apps To Help You Learn English

1. Scrabble 

Anyone who remembers those classic board games will enjoy this one! It is even better when you can learn English as you play. Your task is to form words out of randomly selected letters. Once ready, you place these words on an interactive game board by using one of the available strategies to earn some points. 

You can practice your English vocabulary and spelling skills. If you want to learn Spanish or German, just change your language of preference. Moreover, it is a great app when you are waiting at the airport or need to chase the stress away. Just like the best translation apps for travel, it is a great gaming and learning option! 

2. KLOO! 

This card game has won several awards for a reason because it is a great competitive card game that you will love as you form various sentences as you play. It also helps you to learn correct pronunciation in addition to polishing your English grammar skills. 

It also supports French, Spanish, and Italian. It has several expansion packs. By playing this game, you will also improve your cognitive skills. It is the case when playing cards can be educational and fun! 

3. Duolingo

Any list of helpful apps for learning English would be incomplete without this great solution. It offers over 20 languages while remaining free to use. It is a great gamification experience to let you learn in a fun way. You can take various lessons that focus on speaking, listening, and translation. 

Speaking of translation, if you need professional assistance, consider TheWordPoint translation services that include it all from creative writing to business documents, and localization help. Remember that by learning English with helpful apps, you can pave the way for your future career in this competitive field. 

4. Memrise

Another great free app that helps students learn English in a gaming environment. It also supports Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and even Korean for all the K-POP fans! You can learn how to read, write, and speak.

It has vocabulary and memory games, yet what makes it unique is a great collection of thousands of native speaker videos that let you learn how to pronounce and actually hear the foreign language. 

5. Babbel

If you want to learn how to speak like a native speaker, this app will help you with English, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, German, Swedish, Indonesian, Suomi, and many other languages. 

It is done in a gaming environment and is always based on real-life situations. It is fully interactive and has speech recognition technology, which is quite fun as you learn with it. It also picks content based on your interests like soccer or playing guitar! 

Not Really a Game But… 

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Even though it is not a gaming app that will help you with your English learning challenges, this unique app called HelloTalk should not be missed because it lets you talk to foreigners from over 130 countries. You can turn to voice or video chats or share text conversations. The main purpose of this language learning app is that you learn simply by talking to each other. It has great community support that will help you to make friends and learn English easily! Most importantly, it is free! 

Author’s Bio: Merissa Moore loves exploring technology and mobile gadgets through the lens of education. Her posts contain fun and accessible recommendations that are worth checking out! Follow Merissa to learn something new and brainstorm new ideas! 

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