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Enjoyable as it is to spend time relaxing outdoors while pampering your favorite plants, we can’t deny that gardening is considerably time-consuming, especially in these hectic times when we barely manage to get everything done in due time. However, technology has not let us down in this aspect either and now we can manage our greenery more efficiently, which leaves us with some time to get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. With the help of modern gardening gadgets, you can transform your outdoor space into a green oasis in no time at all. 

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Weed Extraction

Few enjoy the chore of removing weeds, so every device that can manage this task quickly and efficiently is most welcome. Fortunately, technology stepped in and made lives a lot easier by introducing hot air weed burners. Not only do these handy gadgets get the job done, but they are also environmentally friendly and can remove weeds without pesticides. The temperatures of up to 600°C works to completely dry out the unwelcome plants which then wither away within a matter of days. 

Robotic Lawnmowers

Why spend hours mowing the lawn when you can put your robotic lawnmower to work instead? Thanks to companies like Husqvarna and Honda, this fantastic piece of equipment can save you a considerable amount of time while providing you with freshly cut grass that you can enjoy without ever breaking a sweat. It is extremely easy to install – just place the changing station in a suitable spot, set up the boundary wire around the lawn, and leave the rest up to your robotic helper. The robot mower can manage slopes up to 35% and can work independently, day or night. What’s more, it can perform both in dry and wet weather. However, try to avoid mowing dampened turf, since it can corrode the blades over time which will in turn affect the quality of the cut grass. There’s also a protection system and security features, so if anyone tries to run away with it, the lift sensor will trigger an alarm that can only be shut off with a unique code. 

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Advanced Animal Repellents

Harmful chemicals and traps are on their way to becoming obsolete with the introduction of tech options designed to keep various animals away from your beloved plants. For instance, there are gadgets you can install near your vegetable patch that will instantly release a short sharp burst of water to any animal preying on your veggies. A wet but humane solution to your pest problems. One of the most popular devices available is the ScareCrow with a motion sensor able to detect an animal inside a 1000 square foot area with only one sprinkler. Of course, you can strategically place several 9v battery sprinklers to safeguard a larger area and rest easy knowing your greens are in safe hands. Ultrasonic sound is another way of deterring pests while being harmless to humans and birds. The Electronic Sensor Owl can sit and turn its head to hoot and keep away the unwelcome pests. 

Upgraded Planters

Even the basic job of watering plants has lived to see some innovation. We have already witnessed the rising popularity of automatic irrigation systems, but now we have the pleasure of using upgraded plant pots as well. Smart planters can monitor the soil and water your plants according to the gathered data for up to a month before they need replenishing. The Parrot Pot, for example, uses its four sensors to monitor light, temperature, fertilizer levels, and moisture in real-time. Also, there are machines that can be connected via Wi-Fi to an app that enables the user to monitor the plants remotely and water them when necessary. Most apps are available both on Android and iOS and all that’s left for you to do is fill up the reservoir and sprinkle when needed.

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If you choose to go it alone just keep these modern devices in mind, They can help us up-our gardening game all the while speeding up the whole maintenance process. We are able to keep our plants up to code and still have enough time to relax and have a well-deserved rest in your little green haven. 

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