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Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Technology has wrapped itself around the world and shrouded us all in utter fascination. The world had many great inventions, some which helped us survive and some which helped us live comfortably. But, when we talk about technology, it merely cannot be contained or shrunk down in any particular field, it is everywhere, surrounding us like the air we breathe. We might not even realize how dependent we are on technology, and imagining a world without it is almost impossible.

Technically Yours

The world is full of uncertainties, with one exception – change, the only constant, and the catalyst in our collective journey of moving forward. The decades-long debate arguing about the pros and cons of technology, with the violence and exploitation at one hand and the growth and development at the other, might not have an end in another few years to come. But, on the brighter side, the awareness regarding sustainability and green energy has increased. People have started making conscious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and make our world environmentally secure.

The early rise of our virtual life

The emergence of virtual reality is tremendous in the market, from video games to specially curated experiences without the geographical barriers and optimum usage of technology. Virtual reality is another milestone achieved in the field of 3D technology, with the sole aim of providing a life-like experience without physical drawbacks. The mind-altering concepts of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can either be constructive or destructive. There is a thin line, on which the ethical usage of VR and AR teeters, and it is immensely crucial to follow the universal laws in the execution. In the years to come, VR and AR forms of technology seem bright and hopeful, as there is a varied scope of practical uses and benefits of the same. Even in the fields of education, medical, real estate, tourism, and many others, there is a steady increase in the application of VR and AR.

Augmented reality – The Iron Man in the group of Virtual crew

Especially in recent times, when travel and physical contact has proven to be hazardous to the health of ourselves and our loved ones, the spotlight really shines on VR and AR technologies, their benefits, and ease of use. The phrase, “The world is a small village,” doesn’t seem far-fetched or fictional anymore, and our wonderful human-made innovations have boosted the chart of our developments to newer heights. The marvels of Virtual and Augmented Reality have transformed the whole perception of the user-base and made them realize how enchanting the whole process is.

The whole experience of your physical body tethered to one place while your mind is wandering all around the beautiful world, witnessing the beauty of nature and nitty-gritty of the world. The very concept of being mentally transported to any corner of the earth and beyond opens up many unexplored doors for humanity and encourages the tech-connoisseurs to improve and finesse their research even further. The future of such innovations is very bright and full of potential, with a plethora of possibilities full to the brim with creativity. Our dreams and hopes compel us to expand our horizons and reach for the stars. With Virtual and Augmented Reality, we can actually experience the stars, oceans, and everything in between.

Walking miles with Virtual and Augmented Reality

Our species is an integral part of the most magnificent journey of evolution, with countless ups and downs. Still, due to an unimaginable force or strength, we have always kept moving forward. Mark Twain once said that the reason humans are ‘superior’ to other living creatures, is because we know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. It is our moral duty to use privileged technology like VR and AR while maintaining proper ethical standards.

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