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Frenzy at the Apple App store

Frenzy at the Apple App store

Frenzy at the Apple App store

Apple has now launched one of the largest iOS games/ app sales of 2015. This sale includes approximately 100 fun apps and exciting games at unbelievably discounted prices, most of which are selling for than $1!  Now is your chance to fill up your app library because we are witnessing amazing price reductions on high-end games, exclusive productivity apps, premium photography apps and much more. So far this ‘frenzy’ sale is confirmed to be live in both, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The list of ‘on sale’ games and apps include some of the biggest names in the App Store, and that too with mind-blowing concessions. The sale brings us first-rate, high-quality titles like Pixelmator (Reg. $5), GoodReader (Reg. $5), The Room Two (Reg. $3), Rayman Jungle Run (Reg. $3), BADLAND (Reg. $4), Real Racing (Reg. $5), Scanner Pro 6, Limbo and many more!

This whopping sale also includes a number of legendary games such as Cut the Rope 2, Fruit Ninja, the original Angry Birds or what Apple likes to call “App Store Veterans” because these titles have been around for quite some time now. So if you, for whatever reasons, were not willing to download and install them earlier, trust me, now is the right moment to collect ‘em all!

This is not the first time Apple’s App Store has launched a big sale including premium titles, however, this particular one, is shaping up to be one of the very best Apple sales leading to a frenzy at the Apple App store!

For now, Apple has given no indication as to when this mega sale will end however from past experience we can safely presume that it is going to run for almost a week. I am sure no one would want to miss checking out this massive offer and if you’re new to the world of iOS and have a lot of exciting apps and games to catch up on you might want to start from the aforementioned “App Store Veterans” sub-section. Hope you have a nice weekend with all these fun games and exciting applications!

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