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On A Tight Budget? Try This Free Logo Creation Tool


Creating An Identity

Starting a business is a scary proposition. Especially if you’re going it alone and on a tight budget.  There are a lot of free tools out there to help you plan, organize and create your image.  Designing your company identity in the form of a logo is an important early step. In the best case scenario, you would hire a professional graphics designer to design your company logo. But if you’re in the tight budget category, a professional designer can very well be a non-starter.

Lots Of Work

I have spent hours trying to design the “right” look for the businesses I’ve had throughout the years. I would have loved to have hired a pro, but that was not to be. No money honey, so DYI was the answer. Traditional methods using full-blown graphics apps mean every element needs to be created from scratch. This can take many hours trying this or that until you find the right combination of elements that click.

Create Your Logo With DesignEvo

I came across a free online tool named DesignEvo that will help you put together your logo in less time.  With over 3,000 professional templates to choose from you are a lot closer to completing your logo from the very beginning of the process.  A robust list of fonts and icons and the templates are all fully customizable. This really makes the process of creating your logo painless for a non-professional designer.

Free And Feature Rich

You have a full set of easy to use tools to work with. There are tools that allow you to position, resize, order and align the design elements just like a full blown graphics application. Text on a curve and letter spacing is available to help you fit your message in a small space.  A full-color palette complete with gradients and transparencies is also included in DesignEvo.

I really like the preview feature. It will show you what your logo design will look like printed on a business card, a T-shirt, a presentation, etc.

If you are in need of a logo check out DesignEvo.

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