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Free iPhone 6 Barometer Apps For Checking Atmospheric Pressure

iphone 6 barometer app barometer++

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come with barometers for measuring pressure. If you are curious about how this sensor works, you should try out this free iPhone 6 barometer app!

Barometer / Barometer++: Download Free iPhone 6 Barometer App

iphone 6 barometer app free

Barometer for iPhone 6

Now, if you are curious to see if your iPhone 6 barometer is working properly, or if you are one of those scientist-types who like seeing raw measurements then look no further than Barometer and Barometer++ for iPhone 6.

Barometer is a free app that simply displays atmospheric pressure in Pascals, and also shows your increase / decrease in height. It’s highly simplified.

Barometer++ is a paid app that displays the same data, but in a wider variety of units including Pascal, TORR, ATM, BAR, and PSI. It also looks much, much better.

If you have a proper use case for measuring atmospheric pressure, then by all means go for Barometer++. For testing purposes, the titular Barometer app is good enough.

Download Barometer for iPhone 6

Download Barometer++ for iPhone 6

iphone 6 barometer app barometer++


Why Does iPhone 6 Have A Barometer Anyway?


iphone 6 barometer

The iPhone 6 is a small step for smartphone-kind, but a relatively huge leap for regular iPhone upgraders. The huge new display, faster internals, longer battery life, and improved camera add up to a nicer experience overall.

One new hardware feature is the inclusion of a dedicated barometer.

I didn’t know the use of a barometer until I came across the iPhone 6 barometer app we will be discussing shortly. According to Wikipedia, it is a thingamajig used for measuring atmospheric pressure.

What’s the point of a smartphone measuring atmospheric pressure? Well, by detecting atmospheric pressure you can get a sense of how much height has been lost or gained by the smartphone, and consequently, its owner.

So, all in all, the sole purpose of the barometer is to detect changes in pressure and inform the M8 co-processor which in displays how many steps, or flights of stairs you have climbed over time.

It is a step towards making the iPhone 6 a good health and fitness tracking gadget in lieu of a dedicated tracker that you would normally wear on your wrist.

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