Free iOS 8 Widgets Collection: Calculator, Currency Converter, Time Zone, and Calendar

ios 8 widgets collection

Notifications, Widgets, and Keyboards are in my opinion the three biggest features in iOS 8. We’ve covered some keyboards before – Minuum, TextExpander, KuaiBoard – so now we are focusing towards iOS 8 Widgets. In this post, we will discuss a collection of iOS 8 widgets whicn includes a basic calculator, currency converter, various time zones viewer, and more.

ios 8 widgets collection

iOS 8 Widgets: A Gold Rush

ios 8 widgets currency converter

There are literally hundreds of millions of people upgrading to iOS 8, and they know these are two game-changing features; widgets, and keyboards are the next gold-rush when it comes to iOS 8 apps.

So, if you are an iOS developer, consider looking at the most popular Android widgets and bring them over to iOS 8 if you want to make some easy money.

We have already discussed the best iOS 8 weather widget. We will keep up our coverage to bring you the absolute best widgets from other categories, so stay tuned to Cupertino Times.

Wdgts: Collection of Awesome Notification Center Widgets

ios 8 widgets calculator

Earlier today, we came across an app called Wdgts. The app itself does nothing, but it does enable several widgets in the Notifications Center:

  • Calculator
  • Time Zone viewer
  • Currency Converter
  • Calendar
  • Photo Frame

The developer states that they will be adding more widgets with time.

To enable these widgets, open Notifications Center, swipe right to Today view, scroll down to tap Edit. From the menu that now opens up, you will be able to enable widgets, and re-order them if you please.

Wdgts is free, but it does come with some limitations that can be lifted with an In-App Purchase. You need to pay a reasonable $0.99 to be able to copy/paste calculator and currency converter results, add more time zones and photos, and scroll between months in the calendar widget.

I personally will not be using Wdgts because the widgets space in Today View in Notification Center is precious to me, and I would rather not waste it on things I don’t need.

Download Wdgts for iOS 8 [iTunes App Store Link]

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