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Free Astronomy Space Calendar From NY Times


Free Astronomy Space Calendar

This seemed like an appropriate follow-up to our last post on the upcoming Solar Eclipse. The New York Times has come up with an Astronomy Space Calendar that can be synced to your Calendar.  It is not as comprehensive as those from more science centric sources, but it is perfect for the average person with a casual interest in Space related events.

Casual Interest

If you have a casual interest in space activities this is a very good choice for staying in the know on what’s happening in the heavens.

Just follow this link and enter your text contact info to receive a link that will sync your calendar with the NY Times Astronomy Space Calendar.

Some of the events listed on the calendar include a link to more information on the topic. A recent event included, the Perseids meteor shower peaked on August 12th thru the morning of August 13th.

Upcoming events: 

The 40th anniversary of the Voyager 2 launch on Aug. 20, 1977, Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft from the earth that has visited Uranus and Neptune. It is journeying to interstellar space.

August 21st talks about the upcoming Solar Eclipse and provides a link to an in-depth article.

September 5th notes the 40th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1 back on Sept. 5, 1977. It visited Jupiter and Saturn and provided amazing views.  It entered interstellar space in 2012. A first for any spacecraft from planet Earth.

September 15th notes the end of the Cassini spacecraft’s mission which will end dramatically by crashing into Saturn. Cassini was first launched in 1997 and reached Saturn in 2004.  It has provided 13 years of science.

September 18th Earth’s Moon will block three planets as well as the brightest star in the night sky. This is known as an occultation which occurs when one celestial body lines up to obscure other celestial bodies. Our Moon will cover Mercury, Venus and Mars, and the star Regulus.

The Astronomy Space Calendar From The New York Times is a great way to stay informed on upcoming cosmic events. Get synced to the cosmos now.

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