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Four Powerful New Phones, Same Old Battery Life

At the event which took place on September 9th Apple unveiled two new iPhones in its already powerful line up. Adding to the two of the best smartphones of last year, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus. The iPhone 6s is the successor to previous year’s famed iPhone 6, a phone that still holds a huge market share in today’s smartphone market. As with more and faster phones coming out in the market one expects the battery life to change significantly this, however, is not the case with Apple’s new iPhones. With both the iPhone 6s and 6s plus still supporting the same old battery as their previous counterparts.

Both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6sPlus come with an increased weight, although boasting the same praiseworthy slim dimensions that the consumers love. 

However, the increase in weight suggests a more powerful battery or a more powerful processor but us Apple fans will have to do with just a more powerful processor for now as both the iPhones do not come with an extended battery life. The added weight does not equal more battery as they both stack up the same as they previously did with exactly the same talk time and standby time as before. Heavy social media users, however. shall find that there is an increase in the processing speed as it comes with a new A9 chip meaning those loading times will be faster than ever.

The weight is increased due to the use of better materials as well as a more powerful processing chip for use with the new iOs9. Both the iPhones come in 3 gorgeous colours available on contract as well as without contract. 

The beautiful colours come adorned on a uni-body metal frame with its already thin dimensions. The newest member to the colour line is the rose gold iPhone that has people already lining up to get the beautiful phones as soon as possible. 

The two new iPhones are also rumoured to have a better display and a better camera which could also explain the ~10% increase in weight however these have not been confirmed by Apple itself.

Like every year, the Cupertino-based company has not let their fans down and showed us all the reasons to believe that it still has a major stake in the smart phone world. With releasing phones such as the innovative and beautiful iPhone 6s plus its no wonder people are lining up to buy these gorgeous phones worldwide.

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