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Four Layers of AWS Security

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AWS Security

With the likes of Yahoo and Imgur being victims of cybercrime, and with more 53k cyberattack incidents in 2018 alone, cybersecurity is one of the most important issues that have to be addressed by every online business.

In this article, you can learn about one of the most secure cloud hosts out there and its four layers of security.

In 2017, AWS announced their new AWS Secret Region would serve the entire US Intelligence Community. This region will be used to process data across all classification levels, from unclassified to top secret.

This is a real testament to how secure AWS data centers are. Well, another real testament because CIA chose Amazon for its digital operations some time ago. If AWS is secure enough for CIA, they’re secure enough for everyone.

However, as a business owner, you are unlikely to get an entire region for yourself., a website dedicated for testing the speed and uptime of web hosts, curated a graphical resource on AWS web hosting which claims that AWS has at least 55 availability zones, with at least one data center, serving over 100,000 active clients.

That’s a step down from having a data center all for yourself, but it doesn’t mean your data isn’t in safe hands. Here we’ll cover the four ways AWS ensures security.


The first layer is the perimeter layer. This includes fences, cameras, security guards, and other security devices that ensure no unauthorized person gains access to the data center.

The infrastructure layer ensures servers remain up at all times. There are power generators, temperature and humidity control, and redundant internet connectivity. AWS performs routine maintenance checks on all equipment to make sure nothing is out of order.

The data layer is under an exceptionally close watch. The servers warn authorized personnel of any attempt to remove data and automatically shut down in an event of a breach. AWS installs, maintains, and destroys devices according to a strict protocol ensuring the security of the data.

Lastly, there is the environmental layer. The data centers are in specific locations where they are unlikely to be affected by any environmental factors. There are also technological measures in place to counteract any natural disasters like fires, floods, or extreme weather.

As you see, AWS takes great care that their servers are always up and that customer data is secure. If security is your concern, go with AWS. In most cases, they provide more security than you could with a personal server.

The infographic below touches on this and all other aspects of AWS.

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