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Four Amazing Tech Predictions for 2018 and 1 Creepy One

Tech Predictions

Tech Predictions

2018 is here and zooming by. We saw quite a bit of tech predictions come true in 2017 but some just did not make it. 2018 is shaping up to be one of those years that see major technological advancements but in a low-key manner. To get in on the predictions bandwagon, here are our five top tech predictions for 2018.

1. IoT Will Mature (Further)

Tech Predictions

Embedded systems, or in popular parlance, IoT, will mature further in 2018. Over the last few years, we have seen interest in embedded systems grow. But this appetite was tempered by low energy efficiency of existing IoT devices as well as poor processing power compared to energy consumption.

Companies like AMD are leading the charge in building next-generation embedded systems. We are set to see a new generation of ESs that have tremendous processing power with low energy consumption footprints.

2. Bots Will Become More Intelligent

Tech Predictions

Today, we interact with bots all the time without even noticing. Getting a bank balance, checking into a flight, returning an order. Bots are all over. In 2018, expect more intelligent bots. Expect to see bots in more personalized roles such as when you are buying a car.

You will also find bots in the least likely places such as in medical facilities. AI advances and machine learning will come of age. Open source projects such as Google’s open source AI platform will also push bots to the next level.

But not all is dandy, the advancements of artificial intelligence are a looming threat for low-skill job workers. 2018 is going to be a year of massive change.

3. AR Will Bring Back Wearables

Tech Predictions

When wearables hit the market, everyone thought they were the next natural progression of smartphones. But that bubble burst.

In 2018, expect to see a better product/market fit as Augmented Reality brings wearables back. Think of the challenge people face having to always look at their smartphones. A smartwatch was not the answer.

Instead, in 2018 you will see wearables that project information coming into play. Think of the visors jetfighter pilots wear to see information streams. This new class of wearables will not replace smartphones but augment them.

4. Battery Powered Vehicles Will Blow Up

Tech Predictions

Here we are not talking about Tesla-like vehicles. We mean battery-powered skateboards, Segway-like EVs, hybrid bicycles, and the like. This explosion will be driven by cheaper batteries and a growing interest in electric vehicles.

They also come with zero emissions and cost way less than a Tesla. In addition, they will be relatively cheap to acquire and maintain while providing quick transport over small distances.

Expect to also see designers pushing the limits on the types of EVs that hit the market.

5. Machines Will Start Watching Us

Tech Predictions

This is perhaps our creepiest prediction for 2018. While almost every smartphone ships with a camera, expect to see more less-traditional devices, machines, and appliances, shipping with cameras.

These cameras will not have displays either. All footage captured will be exclusively for consumption by machines. We are already seeing this with autonomous vehicles.

Expect to see other uses such as smart street lights, smart appliances, smart cars, that all watch to gain context of their surroundings.

While predicting the future is mostly a fool’s errand, understanding the possibilities that lie ahead is not. These and other predictions will doubtless shape the strange future ahead of us. We can only wait and see if we are right or not.

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